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A Mother’s Day Appreciation at St Andrew’s

May 10, 2016

On Saturday 7th March we invited our Mother’s to join in on our college experience for the annual Mother’s Day Dinner.

As per usual, one of the highlights was the outstanding concert held in the chapel before dinner. There were many outstanding performances, including the string ensemble’s rendition of ‘Bach Double’. Two solo violinists, sophomore Jess Wright and fresher Titus Grenyer, were accompanied by the largest ensemble Drew’s has seen in years – made up of entirely freshers.

The Jazz band were exceptional, as well as a moving a capella performance by the choir of ‘Run to You’ by Pentatonix. The freshers contributed largely to the show, with a guitar, vocal, and piano ensemble by Sarah Brown, Nicky Craze, and Tom Dowse, as well as a beautiful performance of the song ‘Lullaby of Birdland’ by Alex Raine, accompanied by Ben Jeavons-Fellows on the piano and Rob Meek on the bass.

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The concert was a huge success in showing our mothers the kind of talent we showcase here at Drew’s.

After some drinks, nibbles, and friendly catch-ups, everyone made their way up to the dining hall for the dinner. After a few short words from Wayne, guests dove into buzzing conversation, delicious food, and if you had an especially rowdy table, maybe even a few sneaky drinking games!

The night then took a reflective turn as guests learnt of the charity the dinner was supporting. Emma Rossi from the charity Mary’s House delivered a moving speech on the severity of the domestic violence issue.

Emma had a fantastic time at our event and commented: “Thank you to the students, principal and mothers of St Andrew’s College for the wonderful support for Mary’s House, a refuge in Sydney’s lower north shore for women and children fleeing domestic violence. As well as some generous donations, we’ve had offers of legal help, personal training for the women and children, tennis courts and equipment and yogurt!” For more information or to support Mary’s House please visit:

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When asked why she chose this charity to be supported by the event, Sophie Putt, sophomore secretary of the Mother’s Day Dinner 2016, commented: “I’d heard about Mary’s House through my Auntie and the Loreto Normanhurst girls (who went to school with Emma Rossi’s daughter) and knew that it represented a cause that I personally feel very strongly towards and as well as other Drew’s students. I thought it was important to make people realise that domestic violence is very much a local issue that occurs amongst members of our own society. I wanted St Andrew’s to help raise awareness and donations towards such a great cause.”

Other highlights of the dinner include The Ode To The Haggis performance by sophomore James Kane, who delivered an impeccable Ode accompanied by sophomore bearer Harriet Murray and sophomore piper Charlie Harper. Senior Student’s Xander Jackman’s address to the college was flawless as usual, as well as cultural secretary Tom Wallis’s witty, mother-themed take on ‘The Commonwealth of Australia.’ His flattering jokes about the median age of most mothers had everyone chuckling. Secretary Sophie Putt delivered an impeccable speech, and was matched in success by Carolyn Broderick as is tradition that the secretary’s mother speaks at the dinner as well.

As is the case in the post-dinner highlander every year, hearing the old tunes of their time meant that many mothers couldn’t help but find themselves reliving the old days on the dance floor. It’s great for students to get to hear some different music then what would normally be played in the Highlander. Students also got to learn a few retro dance moves too! This letting loose at the end of the night is often the favourite part for many mums (or at least mine).

So hopefully all mothers woke up on Sunday morning to a nice mother’s day breakfast, flowers, and maybe a Nurofen and Berocca for their cheeky hang over! Thanks for coming mums; we hope you liked our gift to you.

– Hilary Shannon

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