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St Andrew’s College is a co-residential academic community within the University of Sydney, home to 336 male and female undergraduate students, postgraduate students, resident Fellows and graduate residents.

The College, governed by its own elected Council, is situated within the campus of the University of Sydney. Set in its own picturesque grounds, it offers students and a unique opportunity to get the most out of their University education – a combination of intellectual independence, academic support from the College Life team and personal development through involvement in Students’ Club activities such as a wide range of sporting, philanthropic and cultural activities, and the gift of life-long friendships.

Our vision is for every one of our students to have a positive experience of College life and to be the best version of themselves while they are here.

A rich history

The St Andrew’s College Incorporation Act received Royal Assent in 1867. In 1870 the College Council first met and in 1876 the students entered the grand sandstone Scottish baronial building now known as the Main Building.

The ethical and intellectual base of St Andrew’s College came from the Scottish Enlightenment and the Presbyterian Church, from which we have retained our Latin motto, Christo, Ecclesiae, Litteris. The use of the motto as the framework for our values over the years recognises the ethical strength of the College’s Presbyterian founders, but the values themselves – which today circle around Community, Equity and Excellence – recognise that our students are far more diverse, not least in their religious outlook, than the first residents in 1876.

St Andrew’s College today

Today the College is a non-denominational, independent institution and promotes diversity of faith.

In 1998 the College Act was changed to facilitate the admission of women in to St Andrew’s. By 2003, 50 per cent of the college population was female and since that time we have worked hard to highlight, foster and engage students in creating and strengthening a culture of inclusivity, safety, choice and growth.

Today many of our programs and activities are clustered according to our modern-day values:

Community (service, responsibility, humility)

  • Our goal is to enhance the personal growth, development and academic success of each student by providing opportunities to achieve in a safe, comfortable and stimulating residential environment. Learn about our Policies here.
  • Our comprehensive College Life program encompasses several programs including our academic, leadership, professional development, student performance management, community engagement, community spaces, pastoral care, personal development, sports, and arts programs.
  • St Andrew’s has excellent libraries, a Chapel, computer room, common rooms, individual internet connections and room telephones with voicemail, a full-size Oval and unrivalled sporting and social opportunities.

Equity (Leadership, friendship, community, inclusion)

  • Maintaining a 50/50 gender mix is a crucial element of the College, as is our long-standing commitment to those from rural, regional and remote areas helps to shape our diverse culture.
  • We offer $1.5 million in bursaries, scholarships and prizes to new and returning students
  • The St Andrew’s Scholars merit program continues to offer exceptional young people the opportunity to live in College with financial support of $26,500 per annum awarded for the duration of each student’s undergraduate degree
  • Our Financial Assistance packages for support on a means-tested basis have more than doubled in the past year to more than $1 million. With the additional financial assistance on offer, we can welcome those who otherwise may not be able to reside in College
  • 36% of our students are from the Sydney metro area; 55% are from rural/regional areas or interstate; and 9% are international students
  • 77% of our students come from independent schools, 15% from government schools, 7% from non-government schools (e.g Catholic) and 1% unknown (these are postgrads)

Excellence (Attainment, Enlightenment, Rigour, Engagement)

  • Former St Andrew’s residents have become Rhodes Scholars, Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholars, University Medallists, international sports people, professors, university Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors, highly successful business people, industrialists, financiers and respected members of every profession.
  • Today, more than 40% of our students have a Distinction average or higher
  • We offer extensive support to students to help them achieve their academic goals, including a tutorial program
  • Strong sporting and cultural/performing arts results annually in inter-college competitions.
  • In 2016 for every female place in College, we received seven applications and for every male place in College, we received five applications.
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