Annual Golf Day and Annual Dinner & AGM

In 2016 the Annual Golf Day will be on Friday 25 November and the Annual Dinner & AGM will be on Saturday 26 November.

Is it your reunion year in 2016?

The 2016 SACAS Annual Alumni Dinner will be celebrating the following reunions: 1951: 65 Year Reunion, 1956: 60 Year Reunion, 1966: 50 Year Reunion, 1976: 40 Year Reunion, 1986: 30 Year Reunion, 1991: 25 Year Reunion, 1996: 20 Year Reunion, 2001: 15 Year Reunion, 2006: 10 Year Reunion, 2011: 5 Year Reunion


If 2016 is your Reunion year, your Fresher Rep will be in contact with you during the year with more details, or click here for more information.

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