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Andrew’s Success in the Palladian Instrumental Solos

April 19, 2013

Andrew’s instrumentalists had a well-earned triumph in the Palladian Cup competition on Thursday 18 April.  The general standard of performance from all the colleges has never been higher, but our two representatives took first and second places.

Mikey O’Neil played his electric guitar brilliantly in a virtuosic, crowd-pleasing rendition of ‘Tender Surrender’, with back-up from his friends on drum, guitar and piano and was awarded second place.

Will Cesta, our piano scholar, out-classed the other five very good pianists in the competition with his equally virtuosic and accomplished playing of a toccata by Khachaturian.  Will had also distinguished himself accompanying Mikey in a totally different genre.  The adjudicators, headed by the internationally known pianist, Professor Stephanie McCallum, were exceptionally enthusiastic about ‘this marvellous young pianist’.

Third place was taken by an exciting pianist from St Paul’s, Lucas Opacic, playing Liszt’s arrangement of the Rakoczy march, while Bree Baxter from Women’s was highly commended for her delightful viola playing of Ross Edwards’ ‘White Cockatoo Spirit Dance’.

College congratulates Mikey and Will and looks forward to many more performances from them both.


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