Community Life

St Andrew’s College is a vibrant and diverse community.

Orientation Week is the first opportunity most freshers have to experience community life at the College.

Chapel services throughout the year are held to mark special occasions and the College also has a strong pastoral care network for any students that require assistance.

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Pastoral Care

The priority of the College is maintaining the safety, health and wellbeing of all members. The needs and rights of individuals and the community are paramount and all enquiries will be dealt with sensitively, confidentially and respectfully. We have a ‘No Wrong Door’ policy with a wide range of staff and students who are available to provide pastoral care to all members of the College. All staff and most senior students have undertaken first responder training. The College community is here to support all members of our community. The ‘No Wrong Door’ policy encourages all members to seek help by contacting anyone in the College community they feel comfortable talking to.

Our pastoral leaders are a group of ten students, appointed by staff and the Students’ Club. They work closely with the Vice-Principal and the Students’ Club to ensure students can seek help from peers and mentors. This group has completed additional training and are skilled first responders who can assist students to access the help they need.

Our staff, including the College Chaplain, are integral in co-ordinating the pastoral framework in College. They supervise the pastoral response of the pastoral leaders and Students’ Club.

Wellbeing Research

St Andrew’s is taking part in research. Please click on the link to look at the Participant Information Statement.

Leadership Development

Students at St Andrew’s are provided with the opportunity to further develop leadership skills by taking part in leadership training. They are then able to volunteer and take part in the senior resident mentoring program, and to stand for election for House Committee roles as leaders of the Students’ Club.

Respectful Relationships

Compulsory sessions are conducted in the Chapel for all students regarding the principles of gender equity and respectful relationships as they relate to living in a residential community. The sessions explore the challenges and behaviours central to and characteristic of this environment.

Cultural Diversity

The College is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion. College understands there may be specific issues for people from diverse backgrounds, diverse gender and/or sexuality, diverse cultures and disability.

LGBTQI Representatives

College understands there may be specific issues for students who identify as LGBTQI and has two student representatives who can provide support and information.

Orientation Week

Orientation Week is organised by the House Committee of the Students’ Club for new residents as an introduction to College and new friends, to help them settle in.

Held during the first week of College, prior to the commencement of university lectures, it is an important occasion for Andrew’s freshers; an activity-packed week of bonding, social events within St Andrew’s and the intercol community, including themed parties and exchange dinners.

The College Orientation Week program coincides with the University’s Orientation Week before the commencement of the university’s first semester, and the timetable of events includes a full tour of the University campus and the stalls in front of the Main Quad.

This is fully supervised and the College takes great care in offering a support network and pastoral care to new residents.

Freshers choose their level of participation, but all new residents are encouraged to participate in this fun week.