Bulletin Board

The Wittins

The Wittins is a weekly calendar of College events sent out each Friday. The current edition is here.

From the Bird’s Cage

This newsletter from the Principal is distributed twice yearly, in July and December. The latest newsletter is available here.

Financial Assistance

New and returning students may be eligible for means-tested financial assistance.

Music and Performing Arts Scholarships – 2017

Application forms for 2018 music and performing arts scholarships will be available soon on our Scholarships and Prizes page. These scholarships are open to both new and returning students.

Tutorial Program

Tutorial timetables will be updated as required throughout each semester. The most current timetables will be available on our Academic Life page.

Fire Emergency Plan

Andrew’s students should be aware of their instructions and responsibilities for fire drills and in case of emergency. The fire emergency plan has been emailed to all current students and can also be found here.

Chapel Services

Chapel services will be available on our Community Life page as the dates are confirmed.

Maintenance Requests

All maintenance requests must be submitted via the St Andrew’s Online Portal. Staff no longer accept the paper cards previously used, and the maintenance team will also direct you to log your issue online if you contact them directly. If you need assistance with this, please read our Guide to Submitting Maintenance Requests. We recommend saving this onto your computer for future reference.