Palladian Cup

St Andrew’s College has taken home the Palladian Cup for 2017!

Congratulations to our men and  women – a great result from all those who competed in the various events throughout the year.

The Palladian Cup is the InterCol creative arts competition. It provides an annual opportunity for musicians, vocalists, public speakers and thespians to represent our College and showcase their talent.

Palladian events include:

  • Solo Vocal
  • Ensemble Vocal
  • Solo Instrumental
  • Ensemble Instrumental
  • Oration
  • Debating
  • Solo Drama
  • Ensemble Drama
  • Dance
  • Art

The highly entertaining events, which take place across the course of the academic year, is also a time for the host College’s residents to demonstrate their production and organisational skills, giving opportunities for many people to get involved.

Student intern, Hilary Shannon reviews the 2016 Palladian Cup below.

This year saw one of the toughest Palladian competitions to date, with Andrew’s at 14 points finishing at a close second place behind Paul’s with 15 points. In third place was Women’s and Sancta tied on 10 points, followed by Wesley and John’s. Although disappointed to end the Palladian year without victory it can be said on behalf of all Drew’s residents, both participants and spectators, that we are honoured to have claimed runners-up in what has been one of the most close and talent-filled Palladian competitions to date. Highlights of this Palladian year include:

  • Palladian Solo Instrumental: First place to sophomore Alice Morgan (saxophone)
  • Palladian Debating: First place to St Andrews
  • Palladian Art: First place to sophomore Kieran Bonin
  • Palladian Group Drama: Third place to performance trio fResher Hannah Steel, sophomore Nick Jackman, and third-year Xander Jackman
  • Palladian Group Instrumental: First place to St Andrew’s Chamber Ensemble
  • Palladian Group Vocal: Third place to St Andrew’s Chapel Choir– Hilary Shannon

You can also read Hilary’s article about the importance of the Palladian Cup to St Andrew’s College here.


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