Students' Club

St Andrew’s College Students’ Club is the representative body for the undergraduate residents of St Andrew’s College and the House Committee is its governing body.

The history of the St Andrew’s Students’ Club dates back as early as 1896. The first Senior Student was elected in 1896 and the Students’ Club was emerging in embryonic form by 1901. Some time after 1902, a Students’ Club constitution was adopted in which the students undertook the duty of controlling the students’ Common Room, recreation, social life and sport.

It is clear that by 1906 the Students’ Club was in full operation; with annual elections for Senior Student, Secretary, Treasurer and year representatives. By 1910 then House Committee included nine members, and sub-committees began to form to organise various Students’ Club activities, in a manner similar to today.

The Students’ Club manages a comprehensive schedule of social events during the academic year, on a college-only basis, or in conjunction with the University of Sydney’s intercollegiate community.

The Constitution of St Andrew’s College Students’ Club can be found here.

The House Committee is comprised of the following roles:

The Senior Student
Honorary Treasurer
Honorary Secretary
Honorary Assistant Treasurer (HAT)
Alumni Liaison
Intercollege representatives
Social & Cultural representatives
Sporting representatives
fResher representatives

The House Committee members are democratically elected by their peers at the end of the preceding academic year.

2017 House Committee

The votes are in and the new Student’s Club House Committee for 2017 has been chosen. A great mix of residents who are all honoured to be appointed to their roles and even more so to be working with each other next year, the new House Committee certainly has us in good hands for 2017.


L-R: Georgia Nikolovski, Lachlan Mactier and Sarah Steele-Park

Executive Council

Senior Student
  Lachlan Mactier
Degree: Commerce Engineering at USYD
Responsibilities: The Senior Student is the head of the St Andrew’s College Students’ Club body. They preside over all meetings of the Students’ Club and oversee all functions and elements of student life at St Andrew’s.

“I’m honoured to have the opportunity to lead the college in it’s 150th year and give back to a place that has given me so much during my time at St. Andrew’s. I’m looking forward to the challenges that the role will present and having the chance to build upon the strong sense of community that the college offers.”

Honorary Secretary
Name: Sarah Steele-Park
Degree: Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Management at UTS
Responsibilities: The Honorary Secretary, along with the Senior Student and Honorary Treasurer, form the Executive of the St Andrew’s College Students’ Club. The ‘Sec’ is responsible for assisting in the decision making and organising of the Students’ Club affairs as well as being in charge of the communication between the House Committee and the majority of the students.

“I am so excited to take on next year as honorary secretary. I can’t wait to make strong friendships with everyone, especially the incoming freshers. I feel we have a strong house comm and I know that everyone will do the best job.”

Honorary Treasurer
Name: Georgia Nikolovski
Degree: Commerce Liberal Studies at USYD
Responsibilities: The Honorary Treasurer is responsible for the annual budget of the Students’ Club. Essentially the role involves collecting annual subscription fees and distributing these funds to the various activities the Students’ Club is responsible for. The annual budget is normally in excess of $100,000.

“I am really excited to be taking on the role of Honorary Treasurer next year. Over my time at college I have seen my predecessors of the role doing incredible work when taking on the challenges the role entails and will strive to do the same for our wonderful college next year.”

Remainder of House Committee 2017

Honorary Assistant Treasurer
 Olivia Van Veen
Degree: Bachelor of Accounting at UTS

I am very honoured to have been elected as HAT for 2017 and I am super excited to work with, get to know and support the student leaders for 2017. I look forward to both the challenges and experiences and being able to listen to the feedback and ideas of my peers to continue Sam’s hard work from last year.”

Female Intercollegiate Representative
Name: Ella Brown
Degree: Commerce at USYD

“The role of female Intercollegiate Rep is something I am really looking forward to taking on next year. The organising of Oweek and working with reps from other colleges will be a few of the fun challenges I am excited about.”

Male Intercollegiate Representative
Name: Max Carter
Degree: Arts Law at USYD

“I’m really looking forward to working with Ella to represent Drew’s in the Intercol Community. As a college, we’ve got a lot to stand up for at the moment, and its important that we work with the other colleges to make sure we’re moving in the right direction.”

Cultural Secretary
Name: Nick Jackman
Degree: Arts (Languages) at USYD

“I’m feeling very lucky and very excited to be given the chance to work alongside such a great house committee and help bring about the continued success of Drew’s for it’s sesquicentenary. As cultural rep I can’t wait to build an atmosphere of excitement for the Palladian competition and return the cup to its rightful spot in the hands of Androvians!”

Rosebowl Secretary
Name: Talor Hamilton
Degree: Sport and Exercise Management at UTS

“I’m so excited to be elected Rosebowl Sec of 2017, I really hope to live up to the expectations this roll fulfills and hope to make everyone proud! My goal is to bring everyone together to celebrate the amazing efforts all the girls put into making Rosebowl such an amazing campaign and to encourage people to witness incredible talent.”

Rawson Secretary
Name: James Kane
Degree: Bachelor of Arts at USYD

“Full credit to the boys and girls. It’s an honour to receive the role, can’t wait to get stuck into next year with a fantastic new house com.”

Social Secretary
Name: Benjamin Watt
Degree: Bachelor of Education at USYD

“Obviously I’m honoured to be on the House Committee for 2017 and I feel it’s a really special, diverse group of people which will make next year’s campaign nothing short of exciting. It will be amazing to give back to this college and I cannot wait to oversee and instruct a jam-packed social calendar for the coming year.”

Alumni Secretary
Name: Nimalan Sundaram
Degree: Commerce Law at USYD

“I’m interested to expand the role in two different ways. Firstly, following the success of the alumni soccer game, increasing the number of alumni matches to include more Rawson and Rosebowl sports. And secondly, to increase the number of information and industry specific networking sessions in first semester before the recruiting deadlines for most financial and professional services firms.”