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Petre Foundation Scholarship Recipient – Annabelle Scott

July 17, 2013

Annabelle Scott is a recipient of the Petre Foundation Scholarship, which provides financial assistance to facilitate overseas study experiences.

Previously, Annabelle took the opportunity to study at UCLA in the USA as part of the University of Sydney Business School summer placement program. You can read more about her adventureĀ here.

Annabelle is now getting ready to take on a new challenge next semester, in France. She will be studying at the University of Rennes 2 from September to January 2014. Rennes is a student town, two hours west of Paris and the capital of the province of Brittany.

“I will beĀ taking a full load of French subjects to complete my French major as part of my Ba Commerce / Ba Arts. I hope to travel around Brittany to learn of the Breton history as well as the rest of the country and other neighbouring European countries. The aim of the exchange is to improve my proficiency in the French language and to enjoy the history and culture of France,” says Annabelle.

Below are some photos of Rennes and some famous cultural attractions nearby that she hopes to visit throughout her stay in France.

Andrew’s wishes Annabelle the best of luck in Rennes!


Saint Mont Michel – 40 minutes from Rennes


Rennes 3

Palace Du Commerce



Streets of Rennes


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