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Placings in Palladian Vocal

September 4, 2015

On Thursday 3 September St Andrew’s College students took part in the Palladian vocal ensemble competition.

It was a wonderful evening with an almost universally high level of performance from all competing college groups. Our students worked hard to put together 2 different groups of singers and presenting two widely contrasting pieces. Our large group ‘The Bluebirds’ performed a medley I want you back arranged by one of our students Anthony Chen, it featured a number of solos from a highly talented group of students creating a piece that filled with movement, energy, fun and vitality. In contrast our College choir sang a deeply moving piece No trouble at the river a traditional spiritual taken from an arrangement for acapella vocal group Sweet Honey in the Rock. Our soloist Janna Seeley sang with a power and soulfulness that was beautifully matched by the focused and still sound of our choir.

We were fortunate to be awarded second and third place in this competition and congratulate the winners Sancta Sophia for their performance of Bronte. As a result we maintain a lead in the Palladian competition. Our thanks goes to the organisers and adjudicators and congratulations to all involved.

Hester Wilson
Vice Principal

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