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Rosebowl Hockey Campaign 2016

May 23, 2016

The 2016 Rosebowl Hockey campaign has drawn to a close and was probably the biggest nail-biter the team has faced at Drew’s in quite some time. This year’s team was extremely strong and agile, with a combination of third-year ‘veterans’ right down to the significant amount of first-year talent new to the competition in 2016.

Round 1 kicked off tremendously on 11 May, as St Andrew’s successfully defeated Women’s 4-0. The Drew’s women maintained constant pressure up top whilst maintaining a solid back line that slightly resembled a brick wall! It didn’t take the spectators long to notice one of the most impressive additions to the team, the speedy fresher, Alice Arnott, who tore up the middle of the field. Alice scored one of the team’s goals, in addition to one by fresher, Hannah Steel, and two by second-year captain, Holly Gavin. An overall great start to the campaign.


The second round against Sancta saw the Drew’s women raise the bar even higher. Determination and many weeks of training resulted in a fantastic score of 7-0. The goals were performed by third-year Nicky Fenaughty, second-year, Sarah Steele-Park, and again Alice Arnott. A strong defense was held up by third years, Tessa Cowley and Lucy Cornwell along with freshers, Clare Gavin and Liv Van Veen, who worked soundly with second-year goalie, Sam Bear.

The third game of the Rosebowl campaign proved to be somewhat of a plot twist. The women had everyone on their feet, with a hard-fought and tough battle between Drew’s and Wesley ending in a 2-2 draw. The team showed immense perseverance in the face of the unchartered challenge of not holding a constant lead. The pressure was certainly on but Drew’s pushed through, with two great goals both scored by Alice Arnott.  A thrilling atmosphere could be attributed to the spectators who certainly couldn’t stay quiet, supporting the girls with cheers that could have woken up all of Kyeemagh!


Finally, the Rosebowl campaign ended on Friday night against John’s: the VD decider. The stakes were high, the crowds were huge, and the cheers were seriously loud. Prior to the game was the inaugural ‘Rawson hockey game’, with Drew’s putting forward a solid team of men to defeat Wesley 2-1. I’m sure there will be an intercol proposal for a 2017 Rawson Hockey competition after that!

However when the sun went down it was time to get serious. Both teams seemed extremely focused in their warmups as the clock ticked down to the first whistle. We were also lucky enough to be joined by devoted alum that supported our women.

The game was tense from start to finish, with an abundant goal in the very first minute by fresher Alice Arnott. However the game still proved to be a tough fight right down to the final whistle. Drew’s popped a goal number two in the second half, scored by Nicky Fenaughty. John’s scored a superb goal close to the end of the game; however Drew’s team played their heart out to the very end, and we were all overjoyed to celebrate their victory with them. Overall an amazing hockey campaign – congratulations to all.

– Hilary Shannon


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