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Rosebowl Netball Wrap-up

May 8, 2013

The 2013 netball season at Andrew’s began almost as quickly as the New Year rolled around and the first semester started. As the first sport in the Rosebowl competition, our team of 12 was quickly chosen and our lead-up to the four highly anticipated games began.

The girls trained incredibly hard, with court sessions, fitness sessions and practice games, all aided with the help of our fantastic coach and ex-Andrew’s woman Sophie Holdstock. During this time, we all got to know one another as a team and were all prepared and excited as our first game approached.

Everyone put in a huge effort and we were lucky enough to win our games against Sancta, Wesley and John’s. The final against Women’s was a great game from the beginning. Goal for goal throughout the four quarters, all the girls worked incredibly hard and showed some amazing skills, teamwork and determination. Unfortunately, we did not win after a very tight finish. However, the game was a testament to our team and what our girls had worked so hard for.

I wish next semester’s Rosebowl and Rawson teams the best of luck!

– Emily Hodgetts




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