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Rosebowl Swimming Report

June 4, 2013

The swimming season was unusually long this year, with our squad training for almost three months due to a change in the calendar. We formed a committed group of six girls for the Rosebowl team early on, which really helped us create a solid bond. We had a number of cold, early mornings but all the girls kept positive and dedicated to training. With the long season, we saw quite a few injuries leading up to the carnival, with a broken wrist, a torn rib and a couple of torn hamstrings and quads, but we managed to keep training with the prospect of a tough carnival ahead.

Luckily, the night of the carnival went well and with the support from the College, we were all pumped with adrenaline and produced some fantastic swims. Laura Angus did a number of great times, in the 50 freestyle and 100 freestyle. The competition was extremely tough on the night and we were unsure if we would be able to muster the points to win.

Sancta and Women’s both proved to be the toughest of competition, yet with Sancta lacking the depth of Women’s, it came down to the final relays (worth double points), which we fought out against Women’s. We just came in second in the medley relay and we were all very nervous before the last freestyle relay. As a team we knew we could pull out some fast times and with each of us knowing we had to give it everything we had left, all the girls really stepped up. We won the freestyle relay by more than we anticipated and luckily won the carnival by 12 points, ahead of Women’s.

Congratulations to Laura Angus, Gabi Gregoriou, Amanda Clifford, Carolyn Harris and Bec Posel for all committing to a hard season of training and never giving up. The whole team really bonded well this year and that was certainly a major contributing factor to our success. It was a tough season but all the training and hard work from the girls proved itself in the end.

Annabel Downing

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