Annual Giving

Enabling access for the next 150 years


St Andrew’s College was founded, 150 years ago, through visionary philanthropy. 1,462 benefactors came together to give ₤5 each to ensure that students could access to the University of Sydney in the 19th Century. Their generosity and foresight has given over 6,000 students from all over Australia access not only to the Andrew’s experience, but also higher education.

Since that time, our community has come together time and again to continue investing in our students. Together this year we can give more students the opportunity to experience the unique experience that St Andrew’s provides, irrespective of where they come from or their financial circumstances. In this year’s Annual Giving, we are focusing on priorities will provide more students with access to a world-class experience: scholarships and the Thyne Reid Development.

Inspired by the vision of our original 1867 benefactors who collectively invested ₤10,000 to found our College, and following in their footsteps, this year I am asking you to support our students with a ₤5 (A$551) gift. 

Please join me in providing greater access to Andrew’s over the next 150 years.

– Wayne Erickson, Principal


Ways you can support our students:

Or  you can give us a Call  on +61 2 9565 7302 to have a chat and to make a credit card donation.

Or you can download our Donation Form and send it to us along with your cheque or credit card details.


To date, we have raised:

£457 ($61,872)

Thank you to all of our community who have given so far! 


You can support one of the following funds:

More Bedrooms: Thyne Reid Building Development

After 50 years of providing a home away from home, demand for our places at College has exceeded our ability to give outstanding young women and men access to the Andrew’s experience.

Year after year, we turn away many talented young people.  Why?  Because there are simply not enough bedrooms for all our applicants and for some students this even means they are unable to attend the University of Sydney.

This year in our 150th year we are undertaking a major redevelopment of the Thyne Reid Building.  This redevelopment will see the inclusion of much-needed common spaces such as a gym and music rooms, as well as the addition of approximately 80 new rooms and 4 and 5 bedroom apartments. To enable our students to engage with these designated rooms for music and fitness, we are seeking your support for the purchase of gym equipment and a piano. These purchases will help facilitate the sense of home for the students residing in the Thyne Reid Building.

more bedrooms - gym


Enabling Access: Increasing Scholarships

Since the first proposal to establish scholarships was unanimously agreed upon in 1873, scholarships have been an enduring factor in the ability of young people to access St Andrew’s.  With our founding commitment to equity, our funds cannot keep pace with the increasing costs of tertiary education for our students.

This year we are asking for your continued help to enable access and encourage diversity and excellence in our student population. In addition to increasing our general scholarship funds, this year we are seeking additional scholarships for:

  • Rural and regional Australia
  • Government Schools and other low-fee schools
  • Senior undergraduates in the 4th and 5th years of study

“Thank you … for providing me with the opportunity to experience College. Without your generosity I would not be at Drew’s, nor would I know the opportunities that a place like this can offer.”
– Second Year Arts/Law Student



Enhancing Experiences: Senior Student’s JCR Funds

The Student’s Club is deeply appreciative of the contributions from Alumni and the wider Drew’s community towards student led projects designed to make the College a more enjoyable place to live in. The last few years has seen the Student’s Club direct its attention towards revitalising the JCR which is seen as the social heart of the College. Our goal for the JCR refurbishments is to create a space that feels like a home away from home, where all students whether they be fReshers, Sophomores or Heavies can come to relax and get away from the grind of University and extra-curricular activities. This common room is where many great memories and friendships at Drew’s are forged hence our desire to enhance this space for our continued enjoyment and the benefit of future generations.

The willingness of Androvians to give back to this place, even after having moved beyond its walls, reflects the fact that St. Andrew’s is a community that extends far beyond the grounds on Carillon Avenue which is something that we are so lucky to be a part of. We are so grateful for your generosity and hope that it continues into the future so that we can add another piece to a place of which we are so fond.

– Lachie Mactier (SS2017)


Ways you can support our students:

Or  you can give us a Call  on +61 2 9565 7302 to have a chat and to make a credit card donation.

Or you can download our Donation Form and send it to us along with your cheque or credit card details.

Please note that if you would like your gift to be acknowledged in this financial year, we need to receive your donation by Friday 30 June 2017.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information about our scholarships and bursaries program or any of our other projects:

Hannah Atwell T: +61 2 9565 7302,
Diana Mania T: +61 2 8594 8248,