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As you may know, we’re raising funds for scholarships for students who need financial support to be able to live at College. A scholarship of $12,000 provides a significant contribution to a rural student or government student’s fees for one year, $36,000 will support a student for three years in College.

“For many students from Rural and Regional Australia, the opportunity to attend a world-class residential College is simply out of reach. When a Scholarship is awarded at Andrew’s, it’s impact is not limited to the recipient. As we, the students, have been empowered to lead and shape our own community, we have attained a remarkable level of social cohesion, so much so that supporting one person means enhancing the collective college experience..”
Fourth year Music student

Ways you can support our students

Or  you can give us a Call  on +61 2 9565 7302 to have a chat and to make a credit card donation.

Or you can download our Donation Form and send it to us along with your cheque or credit card details.


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Geoff White Scholarship

Associate Professor Geoffrey White AM (Fr 1970) was a world-renowned pioneer in the field of endovascular surgery. A second-generation Andrewsman, Geoffrey was a leader in the development of vascular treatments that replaced intrusive open heart surgery with less invasive procedures, vastly improving the survival rates of patients. Geoffrey passed away on Australia day in 2012, however his legacy continues through the lives of the patients who, daily, benefit from his pioneering techniques and are often able to return home the day after surgery. Widely respected by his peers, in Australia and overseas, his contribution to the medical and wider community is an inspiration for medical students and young surgeons alike. The College will honour this highly-respected Andrewsman by creating St Andrew’s first medical scholarship.


Geoff White Website


Scholarships and Bursaries

This year 56% of our Rural and Regional students require financial support to come to St Andrew’s highlighting the importance scholarships play in giving them the opportunity to live at College. Your support for these students allows the College to keep its longstanding commitment to students from rural, regional and remote areas and ensures that students from a wide variety of backgrounds have the chance to become part of and contribute to the St Andrew’s community. St Andrew’s commitment to diversity is challenged by the significant cost of tertiary education. In 2016 a quarter of our current residents applied for bursary assistance. With your help, we can provide financial assistance to the many outstanding students who may not otherwise have the financial means to come to College.



Senior Student’s Fund – JCR

Last year, Gemma wrote to you all in an appeal for donations for works to be completed on the JCR. With your support, the House Committee of 2016 has been able to put such donations to use and transform the lounge area of this space. So far, the carpet has been pulled up and replaced by a polished concrete surface. A drainage system has been implemented and two new coats of paint applied by the students. In the near future, we look forward to the installation of a new TV and sound system, as well as the arrival of new couches and rugs. The possibility of adding a dart board, ping pong table and artwork/memorabilia to this area will depend on the generosity of the vast Drew’s community, particularly those who have enjoyed this space in the past. We envisage that this area will now become a central hub of residential life, as well as providing a relaxing area for our non-residential students. To be in charge of such significant works has been a tremendous experience, and we hope that the future developments will build upon the legacy. We call for your support to finish the job in a way that is characteristic of the Androvian experience, where life and love is found as freely as ever.
Xander Jackman, Senior Student 2016