Thyne 400s Refurbishment

The College commenced the Harper Master Plan over the summer with the refurbishment of the 400s bedrooms on the lower ground floor of the Thyne Building. Thanks to the generosity of the Thyne Reid Foundation, this project upgraded existing bedrooms to bring them to the same high standard as the new rooms in the anticipated Thyne-Reid Link Building.

The refurbishment, which commenced the day after students moved out of College, consisted of claiming the unused balconies for the bedrooms by moving the windows to the outside edge of the balconies. This has added about a metre in length to each bedroom. In addition, the brick walls were rendered and the aging doors, door frames, book shelves, wardrobes, carpets and curtains were replaced. Further, a ventilation system was installed on the lower ground floor to improve airflow and reduce dampness and a new fire panel and detector system was also installed so the building meets current fire codes.


Thyne 400s before the refurbishment


Thyne 400s after the refurbishment

And, the refurbishment has had an immediate positive impact. The lower ground floor, long known as the ‘dungeon’, has traditionally been the home of Freshers as second and later year students wanted to live in other larger and more comfortable rooms around College. When the Senior Student, Gemma Larkin was shown the refurbishments in January, she declared that the rooms are now ‘too good for Freshers’ and quickly notified the Students’ Club about the new rooms. As a result, half of the floor is occupied by second year students and the remainder with first years. It is anticipated, now all students have seen the rooms, that in future years the whole floor will be filled by second and later year students.

Over the 2015-16 Summer Break, the project was completed with the remaining floors of the Thyne Building also being refurbished.

The Thyne bedrooms are now in high demand, as these once-second year bedrooms have now become residence to third and later year students who are not living in the Hanks Building! (…because even the newly refurbished rooms of Thyne can’t compete with ensuite rooms!)