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Susannah Cooke – 2018 Senior Student

October 13, 2017

On the College’s 150th birthday and 15th anniversary of co-residency, it seemed only fitting for the Students’ Club to elect its first all-female Executive leadership team. Susannah Cooke, the 2018 Senior Student-elect, considers it “very significant that the majority of the House Committee is composed of women.” In her view, it shows that Andrew’s students today vote according to who is best for the job irrespective of gender. “Hopefully any barriers that women at St Andrew’s felt when applying for leadership positions have been completely eliminated,” she says.

While both immensely excited and honoured to represent her fellow students, the 2018 Senior Student is aware that many challenges lie ahead. Among these is portraying College life accurately to the broader community, which she says begins with “fostering a safe environment that is aligned with contemporary social standards,” in collaboration with her fellow leaders. “I know that the Executive team, as well as the House Committee, are more than capable of managing this challenge.” The student leader also seeks to ensure that there is open dialogue between the students, student leaders and College officers at all times.

When asked what she is looking forward to next year, she is quick to mention the joy of working with the “incredibly strong and capable people” that comprise the 2018 House Committee. She plans that as a team, they will “collectively trying to improve what needs changing and continuing to build upon the amazing community at St Andrew’s.”

As Susannah prepares for the year ahead, the 2017 Senior Student readies to pass the baton. “The role of Senior Student has been an experience that I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life,” Lachie Mactier reflects. “It has challenged me immensely and has taught me a lot about myself, but most importantly it has been very rewarding. Having the chance to be so close to all of the incredible achievements of our residents has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege.”

We thank Lachie for his contributions this year, and congratulate Susannah on a well-deserved role!

  • Will Cesta, Dean of Admissions and student blogger

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Photo courtesy of Minami Takahashi


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