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Awarding the St Andrew’s College Medal

June 13, 2018

The St Andrew’s College Medal was introduced in 2009, with the Medal awarded annually at the Universities & Schools Dinner. For those unfamiliar, the Medal is (usually) presented to the St Andrew’s man or woman with the highest overall academic achievement over three years of undergraduate study.

The award is calculated on WAM (Weighted Average Mark) only; it is purely academic.

The usual criteria for this award means that the recipient will usually be:

  • – An Undergraduate
  • – A resident at St Andrew’s College for at least 2 out of 3 years (residents of 3 years and higher are also considered)
  • – Completed a total of 144 credit points (earned through full or part time study)
  • – Studying one or more degrees in any faculty
  • – Invited back to College, if no longer resident after their third year, to accept the award

The College wholeheartedly congratulates our latest Medal recipient, Jack Liell-Cock (Fr 2015).

Jack, who describes himself as a student with a strong passion for space exploration, artificial intelligence and fractal geometry, is currently studying Mechatronic Space Engineering and Advanced Mathematics at the University of Sydney.

Having joined St Andrew’s as a fresher in 2015, Jack credits the College with supporting his academic interests, through events such as SCR talks, involving students discussing their academic passions.

Jack says that living in College was an asset to him during his studies, particularly through its close proximity to tutorial and lecture rooms providing well-deserved sleep-ins every morning.

Another benefit of his relationship with St Andrew’s was the opportunity to be involved with the College tutoring program, as a tutor. “It forced me to further my understanding of my previous courses as I was required to teach them. This solidified my understanding of the foundations of my degree and hence allowed me to gain a better grasp on my current studies.”

Jack says he is grateful to have received the medal and hopes that the invaluable relationship he holds with St Andrew’s College will continue for years to come.

Congratulations Jack – the College looks forward to following his future progress.

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