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The Aftermath: Drewtopia

May 9, 2016

Last Wednesday night St Andrews’ College was certainly not far off a state of actual utopia. Drewtopia is a festival-style event that has been taking place annually at Drew’s for around the past ten years or so, getting bigger and better with each coming year. The event was highly anticipated: if you don’t live in the general Sydney area and didn’t hear Drewtopia itself on the night, you would’ve certainly heard about it in the weeks prior with a massive social media and word-of-mouth build up. Even finding a ticket proved difficult, with the event selling out in less than 24 hours: a new record. The night certainly lived up to its hype with incredible performers, a buzzing crowd, and an overall electric atmosphere.

This year some careful budgeting and serious negotiation on behalf of the organising committee allowed for Drewtopia to host some of the most well-known DJing acts in the Sydney crowd. This year’s headliner was DJ Touch Sensitive, who certainly riled up the crowd with his electronic beats. The second headliner was an act coming from Melbourne called Indian Summer, made up of two young guys famous for tunes such as ‘Shiner’ and ‘Foreign Formula’. The remaining two acts were THIS DJ’s (Harry Sanger and Harry Hooper), who started off the show and Nicky Night Time, who ended it. Overall, this year’s prestigious acts created an undoubtedly thrilling atmosphere with music that seemed to take you out of your own.


Drewtopia 2016 continued to host sponsors Red Bull, Bacardi, and Coca-Cola Amatil. These sponsors annually add to the legitimacy of the event, this year providing free merchandise such as Bacardi sunnies, Coor’s beer caps, and as usual a Red Bull bar and DJ desk. An extremely well-received addition to Drewtopia this year was a Snapchat filter, which allowed guests to tag themselves on Snapchat at Drewtopia on the night. Another new aspect was a cinematographer, who will be producing a highly sophisticated after-movie of Drewopia which can be used to promote for next year. Finally, this year included a Silent Disco hosted in the Highlander: a feature started in Drewtopia 2015 that was once again hugely popular.

All in all, Drewtopia this year was an enormous success. The event is being raved about all over social media and this year’s excitement will certainly contribute to even bigger expectations for Drewtopia 2017. Watch out for the photos and after-movie to be released soon on Facebook. Well done to the organizing committee, who have made big shoes to fill for next year!

– Hilary Shannon

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