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Victory at Rawson and Rosebowl Swimming

April 27, 2016

Stakes, spirits, and most importantly swimmers were energised on Tuesday night at the annual Rawson and Rosebowl swimming and diving competitions.  St Andrew’s is happy to report that for the first time in several years both the Rawson and Rosebowl teams claimed first place. The races were fierce, the dives were pristine, and the crowds were wild.

Captain Tom McFadyen led his team to victory as well as placing second in the 400 free. Highlights for the men heavily surround St Andrews’ new student this year Patrick Hoey, or as is he better known amongst students ‘Postgrad Pat.’ Pat was victorious in all of his events, however most would say that what particularly stood out were his powerful freestyle races in which he left every other college in a complete pile of bubbles. In the wake (no pun intended) of Drew’s farewell to champion 2015 swimmers, Tom Elliot and Matt Treloar, it would be fair to say everyone was thankful for Pat’s help carrying the Rawson team to success.


Another standout this year was third year Ben Killen for his superb performance in the 50 freestyle and both freestyle and medley relays. Second years, Billy Chapman and Andrew Judge, should be commended for their respective successes in some excruciatingly long races after having just participated in some nail-biting sprints. Third year Marco Van Westing swum hard in all his events, as can be said for fresher, Zac Von Appen and second year, Kieran Bonin.

To top it all off, Rawson divers Nikita Belogonoff and Tom Galvin snagged second and third after some outstanding tumbles and twirls, overall, a solid performance from the men.

The women were nonetheless exceptional, with achievements such as 1st place from fresher Mia Wilows in the 200, followed by an exceptional second from fresher Edwina Hobson. Fresher girls continued to shine with Olivia Peck grabbing 3rd in the 200m medley and Mekayla Everingham finishing a close second in all her individuals. Second year captain, Jess Hunter, also came 2nd in the 50 back and 50 fly.

The Drew’s women really pulled through to finish it off in the relays, with first place in the 4×50 medley and second in the 4×50 freestyle. A total standout was fresher diver, Alex Finlay-Jones, whose impeccable form impressed the judges and landed her comfortably in 1st place. Third year, Rosa Miller, also came dove her way to 4th. Go girls!


Special mention must of course go the St Andrew’s infamous ‘B Lane’ swimming squad, who gave the crowd a laugh at the end of the carnival by jumping in the pool dressed in floaties, lifejackets, suits, and all sorts of other dress-ups that certainly riled up the crowd (and the pool conveners…) A nice reminder that our competitions at Drew’s are entertaining!

Needless to say, this year’s Rawson and Rosebowl swimming far surpassed expectations and any benchmarks set in previous years. All students (swimmers especially) are eagerly anticipating a victory dinner in which their triumphs can be celebrated by all.

Look out for the next events on the St Andrews sporting calendar – Rosebowl Hockey followed by Rawson Rugby.

– Hilary Shannon

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