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Sasha Kovic

Fresher Year

What did you study at university?
Civil Engineering / Commerce (Finance)

Current Occupation & Career Details
I am currently the Manager of Origination at Roberts Co. Roberts Co is a boutique tier one builder founded to build a better way and be the catalyst for positive change in the construction industry. I have 12 years’ experience in construction management working with companies such as Multiplex and Richard Crookes Constructions and residential property development with Frasers Property Australia.

Involvement during your time at College
Rowing, Soccer, Hockey, Inaugural Sub-Dean

Interests/passions relating to the Alumni Society and St Andrew’s College

  • Developing a highly engaged alumni community.
  • Linking the alumni together for mentoring and job opportunities.
  • Creating graduate connections between current students and alumni, especially post Covid.

Interests outside of work
Skiing, golf, tennis, hiking, hosting dinner parties

Anything else you would like to add I’m a member of the College Council for the last 6 years and I’m currently the Chair of the Major Works Committee.