Creating a world-class experience in Australia’s leading university college

Since 1867, St Andrew’s has provided an outstanding university college experience to students attending Australia’s first university.

St Andrew’s provides a unique blend of personal and collegiate spaces where students develop lifelong relationships within a distinct and diverse community. At St Andrew’s our residents strengthen and grow their skills and talents while building networks of support and influence and encouraging others to do the same.

With Australia’s largest collegiate Scholarships and Bursaries program, we can welcome a diverse community of the most talented students, irrespective of their cultural, geographic or socio-economic backgrounds.

With our Strategic Vision to create a world-class experience in Australia’s leading university college, St Andrew’s is focused on ensuring it can build on this tradition and attract and retain an exceptional community of students, providing them with the support, programs and facilities to become leaders and innovators within our alumni, and the wider, community.

Thyne Reid Link

To achieve its strategic imperative to increase diversity at College without reducing the size of the Students’ Club, Council aims, in the long term, to increase the size of the undergraduate community to 300 places.

The Thyne and Reid Buildings will be joined by a link along the Carillon Avenue boundary that will provide additional undergraduate bedrooms, tutorial rooms, a gym and other common spaces. In addition, three stories will be added to the Reid building to provide en-suite rooms for senior students.

South East Corner Precinct

There is strong demand for low cost student accommodation in Newtown / Camperdown. The College will assist the University of Sydney to meet this ongoing need by providing a building, facing Western Avenue, for approximately 150 students. These students will not be part of the College community and appropriate arrangements will be made to limit these students from accessing College facilities. The building will be situated on the site of the Dougan Lodge, which will be demolished, requiring a new Principal’s residence to be built adjacent to the Harper Building.

Gillespie Hall

The new gateway to the University, this precinct will open the North East corner of the College to the University.