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Welcome to St Andrew’s College

From the Bird’s Cage – Christmas 2017 newsletter

St Andrew’s College is an excellent university residential college, an academic community which combines the characteristics of:

  • A society of friends
  • An academy of scholars
  • A centre for personal growth

In 2016, we achieved remarkable results in extracurricular fields. St Andrew’s College claimed all three Cups (Rosebowl, Rawson and University) in the annual InterCol sport  competition and performed very strongly in the Palladian cultural and performing arts competition. Our Andrew’s men and women were once again prominent in the field of community service. I am consistently proud of the capability, talent and ambition shown by our students when representing St Andrew’s.

In 2014, the College took the first steps towards achieving our vision of becoming the premier residential college in Australia. Academic excellence and diversity are vital aspirational elements of the finest residential colleges and we have undertaken significant measures to help us accomplish even higher standards in each of these.

We are serious about our responsibility to assist all of our young men and women in attaining their highest academic ambitions. Our College Life Program has expanded over the past few years to include additional academic support resources. The enhanced program includes the appointment of Teaching Fellows, experts in their academic field, to provide specialised support to students. We have introduced a mentoring program for our students in their third year that matches them with alumni who are successfully working in their field of study. Extension opportunities are available for our high achievers. Due to high demand, we have also further expanded our existing tutorial program.

We also have a non-residential program, allowing more students to access the benefits of a College experience.

I am confident that all students of St Andrew’s College will continue to benefit significantly from these initiatives.

$1.5 million in bursaries, scholarships and prizes has also been made available for new and returning students for 2018. The St Andrew’s Scholars merit program continues to offer exceptional young people the opportunity to live in College with financial support of $26,500 per annum awarded for the duration of each student’s undergraduate degree. You can meet our 2017 St Andrew’s Scholars here.

We are proud to offer a very broad range of Scholarships and Prizes and our Financial Assistance packages for support on a means-tested basis has more than doubled. With the additional financial assistance on offer, we can welcome those who otherwise may not be able to reside in College.

You may wonder what we look for when selecting students to join us at Andrew’s. Firstly, an ability to thrive and succeed in the context of the University’s academic expectations is of great importance. We also look for those with leadership capabilities or potential, to lead the nation and the world in their chosen field, as so many Androvians have done before them. Students who have expertise or an interest in contributing to an extracurricular domain are also highly regarded, be it in sport, music, performing arts or in the dynamic social environment of this residential community.

Maintaining a 50/50 gender mix is a crucial element of the College, and as well, our long-standing commitment to those from rural, regional and remote areas helps to shape our diverse culture.

The College seeks to educate, challenge and develop each of our students to lead lives of contribution and meaning. We are proud to be a community that supports and celebrates inclusiveness and diversity, and cherishes respectful relationships between equals. The friendships that form here become lifelong ties and help to form a valued and enduring community of Andrew’s men and women.

I anticipate another exciting and progressive year ahead, and I look forward to sharing it with our students, parents, alumni and community.

I invite you to explore our website and discover all that our College has to offer. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us here.

Warmest regards,

Wayne Erickson

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