College Policies & Procedures

How to Report an Incident

St Andrew’s College is committed to creating a safe and fair learning and living environment.

If you believe an incident has taken place that is in breach of the College Code of Conduct or one of the College Policies, you can submit an Incident Form.

Getting Support in College

Respectful Relationship Officers

Respectful Relationship Officers are senior staff members. Their role is to provide support, guidance, and information to anyone in College who is concerned about disrespectful behaviour including discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

Respectful Relationship Officer appointed staff members can be found here.

These Officers can provide confidential information and support regarding College policies and procedures. They may be instructed by the Principal to investigate any informal or formal complaints as an alternative to appointing an external investigator.

Pastoral Care Leaders

The Pastoral Care Leaders (PCLs) role is a student leadership position appointed by the College. PCLs are older students who provide peer support to the student community, particularly in the form of referral for professional support, College support, and university/external resources.

Reach out to Pastoral Care Leaders for:

  • Information on wellbeing initiatives
  • As ‘someone to talk to’ for general support and advice for situations in College and life
  • Guidance for which staff members/external resources to reach out to for help
  • Ideas for wellbeing


The College offers confidential counselling sessions through our professionally trained and qualified in-house Counsellor as well as guidance and support for accessing external services.

Visit our Wellbeing at St Andrew’s page for further information about our holistic approach to Student Wellbeing.

The College seeks to ensure that all College members are aware of these policies.

For further information or clarification, please contact: