College Policies & Procedures

Getting Support

Respectful Relationship Officers

The role of our Respectful Relationships Officers is to provide support and information to anyone in College who is concerned about any possible discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, assault, indecent assault or sexual assault.

Appointed staff members include Ian Smith (Vice Principal), Bonnie Dixon (Director of Operations), Will Cesta (Director of Education and Student Life), Hannah Atwell (Director of Advancement), Minami Takahashi (Senior Tutor and Education Manager) and Rev Dr Gareth Clayton (Chaplain).

These Officers can provide confidential information and support regarding College policies and procedures. They may be instructed by the Principal to investigate any formal complaints.

Pastoral Leaders

Having a rough time at College? Feeling like you don’t fit in? Not sure how to get involved? Having health or wellbeing issues that are impacting your life? Feel you need additional support? Missing home? Need someone to chat to? Our Pastoral Leaders can help and all enquiries will be dealt with sensitively, confidentially and respectfully.

Pastoral Leaders are residential student members of College who are strongly engaged with the student community. We also have a dedicated Non-residential Liaison to support our non-residential members.

College members study at a variety of institutions – USyd, UTS and UNSW amongst others. Each institution has its own student support services. Please see the relevant university’s website for more details. Each institution also has policies regarding bullying, harassment and discrimination. Students are bound by these policies as well as St Andrew’s College policy.

St Andrew’s College takes pride in developing policies that are evidence-based. Students are encouraged to seek advice from anyone in College you feel can assist. College seeks to ensure that all College members are aware of this policy and can direct you to further support and information is needed.

Please contact the Education and Student Life team if you have any queries –