Broderick Report 2017

St Andrew’s College takes cultural change seriously. Under the guidance of Elizabeth Broderick, we have actively sought to retain activities that are affiliative, and excise those that are not. You can read Elizabeth Broderick’s Report and an update on our progress below.

Read Elizabeth Broderick’s 2017 Report to St Andrew’s College on Cultural Renewal

In 2017, St Andrew’s College undertook a review by Elizabeth Broderick regarding the culture of the College. Click here to read her full report.

Progress Report on the Implementation of Recommendations

As reported during the year, the College has worked hard during this first year of the two-year implementation phase to embed the changes required by the agreed recommendations, with the Council and Students’ Club collaborating effectively to put in place practical solutions to the challenges presented by the recommendations. We have prepared an end-of-year-one ‘report card’: a comprehensive analysis of the work undertaken, the results achieved, and the work still to do.

End of Year Two Report on the Cultural Renewal Process

College continued to work hard throughout the second year of implementing changes required by the agreed recommendations; again with effective collaboration between Council and the Students’ Club. We now have a comprehensive end-of-year-two-report available.