Academic Prizes

Each year St Andrew’s College provides scholarships and academic prizes. The list below outlines the various prizes available to our high performing students.

List of Prizes

Stephen Salsbury Scholarship. Four scholarships established in 1998 from the estate of an eminent Professor at the University of Sydney.   Awarded for academic merit in each of the following fields: Traditional Economics, Agriculture, Veterinary Science and Law (if of sufficient merit).

Ralph Salsbury Scholarship. Established in 1998 from the Estate of Professor Stephen Salsbury in memory of his father. Awarded to a student in the Faculty of Engineering.

A C Christensen Scholarship. Established in 1976 from an estate, and awarded to a student on the basis of academic merit in any faculty.

Bill Caldwell Scholarship. Established in 1998 in memory of an eminent Senior Student. Awarded to a meritorious student at the University of Sydney assessed on academic, extra-curricular (sports and/or cultural) and leadership merit.

Crane Stewart Bursary. Established in 1998 by John Crane and David Stewart, distinguished Andrewsmen, and awarded to an Engineering students, or for general academic merit.

Robert Stein (Law). Established in 1993 in memory of a former Vice-Principal of the College. Awarded to a Law student at the University of Sydney.

W R D Stevenson (Law). Established by Mrs R Stevenson in memory of her husband, Robert, who was able to reside in College because he had received a scholarship. Donated in 2000 to assist a Law student.

Hugh & Hilary Cairns (Women). Established in 2002 by former Principal Cairns and his wife, and awarded to the outstanding female student in the College.

Beesley (Rowing). Established in 2002 by Dr Monty Beesley, a Fellow of the College, and awarded to a student for service to College rowing.

Spann Scholarship. Established in 1987 from the Estate of Professor R N Spann, Senior Fellow and former Vice-Principal of the College. Awarded to a student entering second or a later year, and based on previous academic performance and intellectual contribution to the quality of College life.

G P Dwyer Scholarship. Established in 1971 from an estate. To assist “Presbyterian students” of merit who would not otherwise be able to reside in College during their University course.

Fullerton (Medicine). Established in 1983, and awarded to either a medical student or one studying with the intention of becoming a clergyman in the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales.

Horn (Law). Established in 1884 from the Estate of John Horn of Edinburgh, and awarded to an Australian born student of ‘logic, moral philosophy or divinity’.

Dr H L Stafford Scholarship. Established in 1971 from an estate, and awarded to a student of the Faculty of Medicine, or any branch of Science or Engineering.

Struth (Arts/Medicine). Established in 1884 from a gift by John Struth, and awarded to a student in an Arts, Science, Medicine or Engineering course.

Page Memorial Prize (Leadership). The original gift was donated in 1884, and was to be used as an annual prize for “character, powers of leadership, mental powers and athletics”.

Wood (Fell Engineering Prize). A prize established in memory of John Walter Fell, co-founder of the North Shore Gas Co., and Helen Wilson Fell, a daughter of the College’s first Principal, Rev. Adam Thomson. Donated in 1964 by Professor John F D Wood for outstanding results in Engineering.