Applying to St Andrew’s College

St Andrew’s College offers between 80 – 120 new places each year. We invite applications from undergraduate and postgraduate students intending to study at – or already studying at – one of Sydney’s universities. Most students (85%) accepted study at the University of Sydney.

Our College enjoys unusually high demand, which reflects widespread recognition that the Andrew’s experience is fun, challenging and stimulating.

We are not looking for ‘one type of student’; we wish for our student cohort to be diverse in terms of personality, interests, degrees, opinions, culture, gender, background and so on.

In addition to our primary residential program, we offer a non-residential program, which can be applied for via our online application form. It is available to (i) applicants who were not successful in their residential applications, (ii) those whose applications were submitted late, or (iii) those who simply want the Andrew’s experience without living in College. Please note that we have limited spots for this program; an application does not automatically guarantee a spot.

Application Deadlines (for entry in 2025)

Residential Program (Main Round): Applications for 2025 will open on 6 May 2024

Residential Program (Reserve List): January 2025. [Note: the Reserve List is for prospective students who have already completed a College interview and have been shortlisted. Places that become available up until the commencement of the academic year will be awarded to students on this list.]

Non-Residential Program: 31 December 2024.

Scholarship application deadlines can be found on our Scholarships page.


To apply for admission to College you will need to:

(1) Complete an application form via our online portal.

(2) Pay the $150 application fee. The non-refundable fee is used to cover the administrative cost of your application. This fee is payable by cheque to ‘St Andrew’s College’ or by Mastercard / Visa.

(3) Write a Personal Statement. You will need to submit a written Personal Statement of your accomplishments and achievements. Please download the Personal Statement guide and address each of the criteria.

(4) Provide references. You must provide two (2) good references. You can download the confidential Referee’s Report form in PDF format, or you can send us existing written references.

(5) Provide copies of relevant academic records. Please send copies of your latest school or university results to

Note: Please send scholarship and/or bursary applications at the same time as your application form.

What happens next?

Once your complete application has been received, we will contact you to let you know whether we’d like you to come in for an interview, which will normally be scheduled from June onwards. You will be shown around the College at this time and will be able to ask any questions you may have about life at St Andrew’s, university matters, etc. Allow approximately one hour. If you live out of Sydney we will organise a telephone interview.

When your ATAR (school) results are available, you should forward these to us as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you are already at university, please supply a photocopy of your most recent university examination results transcript.

You will be advised as soon as possible if we are able to offer you residence in the coming year. We will let you know if you are successful, unsuccessful or waitlisted by Christmas at the latest.

Please note that each year there are many more applicants than places available. Our objective is to find those who will either gain the most from College or contribute most to it. The College is permitted to have in residence a small number of students from institutions other than the University of Sydney. While we are interested in whether you have a family connection with St Andrew’s, such a connection is neither necessary nor sufficient for gaining the offer of a place in College.


Fees are published in the College Handbook & Directory. Scholarships and bursaries will be deducted from these fees.