Cultural Competency Training

The St Andrew’s College Community Living Program, is a training program in cultural competency for all our students. We engage external experts such as Elephant Ed, Habitus, Alcohol and Drug Education Specialists (ADES), Simon Corcoran, Brent Sanders and the University of Sydney, to deliver training around:

  • Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Crime
  • Navigating Healthy Sexual Relationships
  • Consent
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness Strategies for Cultural Change
  • Diversity and Ally Training 

These sessions are a mix of awareness raising, discussion and reflection, along with practical information such as how to report sexual assault and harassment or deal with intoxicated peers.

In addition, the College’s Student Leaders (around 65 of them each year) undergo additional training in a wide range of topics including mental health first aid, Cultural Diversity and Responding with Compassion.

Compulsory training for all students
  • How to deal effectively with Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Crime gender specific sessions – External Training Provider 
  • Navigating Healthy Sexual Relationships – External Training Provider
    • Consent
    • Sexual Relationships
    • Critical Conversations about Sex
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness Strategies for Cultural Change, plus strategies for dealing with intoxicated residents – External Training Provider 
  • Consent Matters Workshop – External Training Provider including how to report sexual assault and harassment
  • Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Sex Characteristics: Diversity and Ally Training – External Training Provider
  • Small group reflection – internal training
Additional Training for Student Leaders (approximately 65 leaders per year)
  • I’m Not Racist But … – External Training Provider 
  • Leadership Workshop – External Training Provider 
  • Privilege and Pleasure – External Training Provider 
  • Drug and Alcohol – External Training Provider 
  • Responding with Compassion – External Training Provider 
  • Consent Matters – External Training Provider 
  • First Aid & CPR – External Training Provider
  • Cultural Competency Discussion – Experiences of First Nations and CALD students
  • Mental Health First Aid – internal training
  • Roles & Responsibilities – internal training
  • Cultural Reflection – internal training
  • Train the Trainer – internal training
  • How to Mentor – internal training
  • Social Media responsibilities – internal training
Additional training available in 2021
Each year, the students organise additional workshops in areas relating to their interests. In 2021, Jess Hill, the award-winning journalist, ran a webinar in Power Dynamics in Relationships and the Butterfly Foundation ran a session on body and eating issues.  
  • Butterfly Foundation webinar: body and eating issues  
  • Jess Hill webinar: Power Dynamics in Relationships 
External Training Providers

Elephant Ed: Since 2015, Elephant Ed has been transforming the way sex education is taught across Australia. Elephant Ed sends young, relatable and highly trained facilitators to deliver fun and engaging sex education workshops – designed and delivered for young people, by young people. Their evidence-based, age-appropriate workshops are tried and tested across all relevant age groups and are mapped to State and National curriculum guidelines. Every year, they empower tens of thousands of young people to make informed, positive and safe decisions about sexuality, relationships and growing up.

Alcohol and Drug Education Specialists (ADES): ADES asks “what does alcohol look like in your residential community?”, helps the group to understand their community’s drinking behaviours and introduces strategies for cultural change initiatives. ADES examines the current statistics and trends around drugs in Australian culture and provides relevant information about illicit drugs symptoms and experiences around their use. They also provide the language, strategies and techniques to discuss drug use with those who are have or are using illicit substances.

Habitus: Habitus is a social enterprise that uses anthropology, emotional intelligence and educational psychology to unlock creative human potential. They support organisations to gain nurturing collaborative and inclusive cultures. They have designed a unique set of programs using anthropology, emotional intelligence and developmental psychology along with cutting edge research.

Simon Corcoran: Simon is the Director & Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consulting – Australia/New Zealand at YSC Consulting. Talks about #change, #culturechange, #leadershipdevelopment, #transformationalchange, and #diversityequityinclusion

Brent Sanders: Brent Sanders interactive seminars, presented without slides, are designed to engage and challenge the audience to re-evaluate the way they think about inappropriate conduct with the aim of Identifying, preventing and eliminating all forms of harassment, bullying and discrimination. Their seminars designed for university students, cover topics such as sexual assault, consent, personal safety, conflict psychology, decision making and life skills.

University of Sydney

  • Safer Communities Office
  • Diversity & Inclusion Office
  • Pride Network
  • Sydney University Sports & Fitness (SUSF)