Overview of Offerings

St Andrew's College Principal and Students

St Andrew’s College is committed to providing a world-class experience for students that goes beyond their university degree. Our core offerings include

  • Education & Student Life Programs: Both the Education and the Student Life Departments provide a robust offering of programs designed to support students with their transition into the tertiary environment, and prepare them for the world beyond.
  • Students’ Club Activities: St Andrew’s College Students’ Club is the representative body for our undergraduate residents, running a range of events and activities through a number of sub-committees, all overseen by the elected House Committee.
  • Senior Common Room Activities: The Senior Common Room comprises the Principal, Councillors and Fellows, residential tutors, graduates, visiting academics and others invited to become members, it holds a place of academic leadership and intellectual development within the College.
  • Intercollegiate Activities: St Andrew’s College is one of six University Colleges within the University of Sydney. The Colleges interact in numerous contexts throughout each academic year, both collaboratively and competitively on the sporting field, performing arts stage, and socially.