Non-Residential Program

St Andrew’s offers a non-residential program for students who want to access the college’s benefits without living there. Non-residential members receive academic support, daytime access to the college, mentoring, meals, and participation in various programs and activities.

Students who have completed a regular interview are not required to submit a separate non-residential application to be considered for the non-residential program.


Non-residential members of College can access many of the same benefits as residential members, in particular:

  • A residential experience during Welcome Week (levy not included in fees)
  • The same academic support program offered to resident students throughout the academic semester
  • Access to the College as a daytime ‘home on campus’, including a locker for storing belongings
  • Mentoring support specifically for non-residential members
  • All meals at College
  • Ability to attend and participate in College’s Education & Student Life Programs, including lectures, seminars, leadership, performing arts competitions and social sport (note that you are NOT able to participate in intercollegiate sports)
  • Associate membership of the SAC Students’ Club (at additional cost) allowing access to a range of free and at-cost social activities
  • Use of the College’s social, performance and learning spaces as well as our brand new gym
  • Use of the College’s internet facilities

For more information, please contact us.