Interviews – What to Expect

Applicants must complete an interview to be considered for a place in St Andrew’s College.

Students applying for a creative arts scholarship or the St Andrew’s Scholars Program will have to complete an additional interview.


We endeavour to interview 300 or more applicants a year, but our resources don’t allow us to interview every applicant due to such high demand for a place at St Andrew’s.

Applying early (prior to September) may increase your chance of being invited for an interview. In the remaining months, we will become more selective in who will progress to interview.

Please note that the non- refundable application fee covers our administration time for processing all applications.

Regular interviews are conducted by one of a panel comprising of the Vice Principal; Director of Education and Student Life; Director of Operations; Registrar; and Pre-Tertiary Manager.

Interviews for the St Andrew’s Scholars Program are conducted by a panel comprising the Principal, Vice-Principal; Director of Education and Student Life; and Senior Student.

Creative arts scholarship interviews and auditions are typically conducted by a panel comprising the Director of Music, Vice-Principal and Senior Fellow.

Interviews at St Andrew’s College are deliberately unpredictable and conversational. We do not ask questions from a set list, and do not recommend that applicants pre-prepare answers to anticipated questions.

However, applicants should be prepared to discuss matters such as:

– what attracts them to collegiate life
– what their long-term goals are
– what they wish to study
– how they might change the world

In preparation for the interview, we recommend that applicants read through the Undergraduate Prospectus as well as other information available on our website and social media pages.

Yes. Interviews are designed to challenge students. However, all questions asked will be answerable; we do not seek to unnerve students or ask them to discuss topics they are unfamiliar with.

St Andrew’s College is looking for students who:

– have a strong intellectual foundation
– have broad interests
– have the capacity to lead and challenge the way others think
– would bring an area of expertise to the College (for example, music, mathematics, netball etc)
– wish to be challenged

Though face-to-face interviews are preferable, students who live far away or are taking a gap year overseas can be interviewed via Skype or telephone.

In 2019, the College established the Regional Interview Scheme which allows the Dean of Admissions to travel to rural and regional areas to conduct in-person interviews. Please contact our Registrar if you wish to be considered for an interview through this scheme.

You should allow one hour for the interview process.

Interviews generally last between 30 to 35 minutes. Tours are offered at the conclusion of the interview.