Interviews – What to Expect

Successful applicants will be invited for an interview at St Andrew’s College, an opportunity to explore how they would fit into the College’s vibrant community.

During the interview, the applicant’s aspirations will be discussed, along with academic interests, extracurricular activities, and personal goals. 

Students applying for a creative arts scholarship or the St Andrew’s Scholars Program might have to complete an additional audition or interview.


We strive to interview as many applicants as possible each year, typically aiming for around 600 or more. However, please note that not all applicants will be interviewed due to the high volume of applications we receive.

To enhance your chances of securing an interview, we recommend applying early, preferably before September. It’s important to note that while we make every effort to accommodate all applicants, we are unable to provide specific feedback or reasons for unsuccessful applications.

Please be aware that the non-refundable application fee covers administrative costs associated with processing applications. 

Regular interviews are conducted by one of a panel comprising of the Principal, Vice Principal; Director of Education, Director of Student Life, Student Life Manager, Director of Advancement and a current St Andrew’s College resident.

Interviews for the St Andrew’s Scholars Program are conducted by a panel comprising the Principal, Vice-Principal; Director of Education, Director of Student Life and Senior Student.

Creative Arts Scholarship interviews and auditions are typically conducted by a panel comprising the Head of Creative Arts and Director of Advancement.

Interviews at St Andrew’s College are designed to be conversational, featuring a mix of engaging and thought-provoking questions that allow students to demonstrate their decision-making abilities.

Applicants should be prepared to discuss matters such as:

– what attracts them to collegiate life
– what their long-term goals are
– what they wish to study
– how they might change the world.

In preparation for the interview, we recommend that applicants read through the Undergraduate Prospectus as well as other information available on our website and social media pages.

Yes, interviews are meant to be challenging. However, all questions asked will be answerable; we do not intend to unsettle students or ask them to discuss topics they are unfamiliar with. There are no wrong answers to the questions as they provide insight into who you are as an individual.

St Andrew’s College is seeking students who:

  • possess a solid intellectual grounding
  • exhibit diverse interests
  • demonstrate leadership potential and a willingness to challenge conventional thinking
  • can contribute a unique area of expertise to the College (e.g., music, mathematics, netball, etc.)
  • offer a valuable and diverse perspective
  • stand to gain from the College experience, including its activities and opportunities
  • seek personal growth and challenges
  • show promising potential.

While an in-person interview is preferred for applicants who reside or attend school in Sydney, we also offer the option to conduct the interview via Zoom.

You should allow one hour for the interview process.

Interviews generally last between 30 to 35 minutes. Tours are offered at the conclusion of the interview, conducted by a current St Andrew’s College resident.