Principal's Welcome

Welcome to our website, and thank you for your interest in St Andrew’s College.

After another uncertain and unprecedented year in 2021, we are delighted to welcome our community back to St Andrew’s in 2022. This year promises to be as busy and exciting as ever, albeit through a COVID-safe lens.

This year we are celebrating 20 years of undergraduate women at St Andrew’s College – in 2002, the first women entered College as full undergraduate residential members. Although women have always been a part of College, in the past, this was as staff members, wives, family, mothers, friends, donors and post-graduate members. Nowadays, it may seem hard to imagine how monumental this change was. Our College has been vastly enriched by embracing this diversity and it is difficult to imagine a College without all genders today.

This year we have a fully female student executive in the Students’ Club for only the second time in our history and we welcome our first female Chair of College Council, Sasha Kovic (Fr 2005). Sasha has been an exceptional Councillor for the past six years, and I look forward to working with her to drive forward our plans for College.

St Andrew’s is a welcoming and inclusive community. We are proud to support and celebrate inclusiveness and diversity, and cherish respectful relationships between equals.

The $2 million awarded each year by St Andrew’s College in bursaries, scholarships and prizes, including those that provide support on a means-tested basis, means we can welcome exceptional young people with talent and potential, regardless of their economic circumstances. A 50:50 gender mix in College is crucial, and our long-standing commitment to those from rural, regional and remote areas helps to shape our diverse culture. The expanded non-residential program also allows a wider cohort of students to contribute to the richness of the St Andrew’s experience.

The friendships that form here become ties that bind us for life, and help to form a valued and enduring community of Androvians. That sense of belonging, of making lifelong bonds in this community where friendship and fun are never far away, is a recurring theme for both our current students and our alumni.

The equal participation of women in all aspects of College has led to long-standing and repeated excellence in sport, the creative arts and academia. Each year we celebrate those Androvians who appear on the University Honour Roll, including University medallists, those who have been awarded first and second class honours and recipients of academic merit prizes and awards. The many students who continually achieve High Distinction and Distinction averages are to be commended, and our diverse talent is demonstrated across a broad range of academic study and disciplines.

At St Andrew’s, we have always been – and will remain – committed to providing students with educational opportunities that enrich their lives. Each year the College offers a multi-layered, comprehensive Education & Student Life program, designed to support our students to achieve their goals. This includes academic support tutorials, mentoring sessions, professional development seminars, courses, and other programs which provide our students with the capacity to think critically and solve some of the big problems facing society.

We are also committed to educating beyond our campus, and have been delighted to see the impact of our online Pre-Tertiary Mentoring Program, where our students provide academic and pastoral support to rural, regional and remote Australians completing the HSC.

St Andrew’s students are also high achievers on the sporting field and in the creative arts – last year we won all four Intercol Cups, yet again. In fact, we are the only College to have won the University Cup since its introduction in 2012. We have won the Rawson Cup (for male sport) and the Rosebowl (female sport) more years than all the other colleges combined. In the creative arts arena, we have been awarded the Palladian Cup many more times than any other College.

You may wonder what we look for when selecting students to join us at St Andrew’s. Firstly, an ability to thrive and succeed in the context of the University’s academic expectations is of great importance. We also look for those with leadership capabilities or potential, to lead in their chosen field, as so many Androvians have done before them. Students who have expertise or an interest in contributing to an extracurricular domain are also highly regarded, whether that is in sport, music, performing arts or simply the social environment.

St Andrew’s seeks to educate, challenge and develop each of our students to lead lives of contribution and meaning.

Our College anticipates an exciting, progressive year ahead, and I look forward to sharing all of our news and updates with our extended St Andrew’s community.

I invite you to explore our website and discover all that our College has to offer. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Warmest regards,

Wayne Erickson