Students' Club (Junior Common Room) Activities

The House Committee

The House Committee is democratically elected by members of the Students’ Club at the end of the preceding academic year.

In October 2022, the Students’ Club Annual Elections were held to determine the 2023 House Committee. This is the 119th year in which College has hosted a Student Committee election.

The first instance of online voting took place in 2019. Voting had also previously changed in 2018, with nominations now to allow a 40/40/20 split in elections. This split was to represent 40% women/40% men/20% leadership roles (gender indiscriminate).

Previously, individuals were elected for specific positions, but they are now voted onto the committee and then placed into roles in consultation with their fellow House Committee members.

This system worked as expected; College was pleased to welcome a group of fine young women and men in equal numbers to leadership positions.

Events & Societies

In addition to being involved in the College’s Education & Student Life Programs (as tutors, student facilitators, and so on), the Students’ Club runs numerous independent events, societies and clubs.

All Students’ Club  events, societies and clubs are run through sub-committees. There are more than 70 student sub-committees at St Andrew’s College, including:

  • The Drama Society (Dramsoc)
  • St Andrew’s College Formal Sub-Committee
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day Dinner Sub-Committees
  • Social Sport Sub-Committee
  • The Environmental Sub-Committee
  • The Highlander Bar Sub-Committee


St Andrew’s College Students’ Club (the junior equivalent to the Senior Common Room) is the representative body for our undergraduate residents. The House Committee is its governing body.

The history of our Students’ Club dates back as far as 1896. The first Senior Student was elected in 1896 and the Students’ Club was emerging in form by 1901. Sometime after 1902, a Students’ Club constitution was adopted in which the students undertook the duty of controlling the students’ Common Room, recreation, social life and sport.

It is clear that by 1906 the Students’ Club was in full operation, with annual elections for Senior Student, Secretary, Treasurer and year representatives. By 1910, the House Committee included nine members, and sub-committees began to form to organise various Students’ Club activities, in a manner similar to today.

The Students’ Club manages a comprehensive schedule of social events during the academic year, on a College-only basis, or in conjunction with the University of Sydney’s intercollegiate community.