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Download our Welcome to St Andrew’s College brochure

Apply online now for 2019 residency Applications for Semester 2 residency are now closed. We are still accepting offers for residency in 2019, offers will be made prior to the application closing date, so make sure to submit your applications as soon as possible.

Applications are invited from students who have gained admission to a course at an approved University. The majority of our students are studying at the University of Sydney.

Our College offers up to $1.5 million in 2018 in Scholarships and Financial Assistance for new and returning students. Prospective students are encouraged to visit the above pages, learn more about the many opportunities available, and download the application forms.

non-residential program is available for students that were not successful in their application for general residence, those who were too late sending in an application or those students who simply want a College experience without living on-campus. Please note that we have limited spots for this program; an application does not automatically guarantee a spot.

Apply now for non-residence membership for Semester 1, 2019. Applications close 15 February 2019.

Be sure to apply as early as possible, as a place in College is highly competitive.

To apply for admission to College you will need to:

  • Complete an application form
    Applications can be submitted online only.
  • Pay $100 application fee
    The non-refundable fee is used to cover the administrative cost of your application.  This fee is payable by cheque to ‘St Andrew’s College’ or by Mastercard or Visa.
  • Write a Personal Statement
    You will need to submit a written Personal Statement of your accomplishments and achievements. Download the Personal Statement form and address each of the criteria. Feel free to write anything you think we need to know about you.
  • Provide references
    You must provide two (2) good references. You can download the confidential Referee’s Report form either in PDF or Word format, or you can send us existing written references.
  • Show copies of relevant academic records
    Please send copies of your latest school or university results to our Registrar Tessa Bruin:

Please identify if you are an E12 applicant with the University of Sydney during the application process.

The closing date for applications is 31 December, however prospective students are encouraged to submit their application as early as possible in the year, due to high demand.

Entry Requirements

Although St Andrew’s was founded on the initiative of the Presbyterian Church, students of any denomination or religion who have gained admission to a university in Sydney are eligible to enter the College. Should vacancies exist, students attending other nearby universities may be eligible to enter the College.

The College offers many scholarships to freshers and returning students. There are also several prizes awarded annually to students continuing at College, on the basis of University results.

What happens next?

  • Once your complete application has been received, we will contact you to let you know whether we’d like you to come in for an interview, which will normally be scheduled from June onwards. You will be shown around the College at this time and will be able to ask any questions you may have about life at St Andrew’s, university matters, etc. Allow approximately one hour. If you live out of Sydney we will organise a telephone interview.
  • When your ATAR (school) results are available, you should forward these to us as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you are already at university, please supply a photocopy of your most recent university examination results transcript.
  • You will be advised as soon as possible if we are able to offer you residence in the coming year. We will let you know if you are successful, unsuccessful or waitlisted by Christmas at the latest.

Please note:

St Andrew’s College is an academy of scholars, a society of friends and a centre for personal growth. An ideal St Andrew’s student has a commitment to achieving academic potential, a capacity to lead, a willingness to participate responsibly in the College and an interest in actively promoting the welfare of other people. Not everyone is well suited to life in this vigorous, student-led College community. Colleges are not clinics, and they can present challenges for the insecure. Neither are they boarding schools under strict supervision. Our emphasis is on encouraging adult responsibility and self-discipline. The College wants to help people develop towards their ideals; it does not usually expect to find them fully-formed.

In recent years there have been many more applicants than places available. Our object is to find those who will either gain most from the College or contribute most to it. The College is permitted to have in residence a small number of students from institutions other than the University of Sydney. While we are interested in whether you have a family connection with St Andrew’s, such a connection is neither necessary nor sufficient for gaining the offer of a place in College.

We look forward to receiving your application.