St Andrew’s Scholars Award

The St Andrew’s Scholars program seeks to support our future leaders by awarding up to three scholarships each year. The Scholarships will provide financial support of full fee-relief and will be awarded for 3 years, whilst they live in St Andrew’s.

The Scholars will be exceptional young men and women who will thrive academically, are ‘engaged in life’ and have the potential to make a significant positive contribution to College and, in the future, the wider community. Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate a broad range of the St Andrew’s Scholars attributes listed in Section 6.

In addition to completing the form below, please download and fill in the Bursary Assistance Application Form and the Bursary Application Declaration Form. The completed Bursary Assistance Application Form is to be emailed to:

The closing date for applications is Sunday 18 August, 2024.

Students seeking to enter St Andrew’s College for the first time must complete the Online Application Form before completing this form.

Section 1: Personal Details

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Section 2: Academic Details

Section 3: School Contacts

If your school is supplying a reference on your behalf, you do not need to follow up with them separately.

Section 4: Achievements

Please attach a statement giving evidence of your main activities and important achievements or principle interest in leadership, community service or duty, sport and/or the performing arts in each of the final three years in school (including any out-of-school activity), or a verifiable statement explaining why personal circumstances have restricted these opportunities. Please note, this information once verified will remain confidential to the selection panel. (500 words max)
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    Section 5: Aspirations

    Please attach a statement outlining current aspirations in life directions. This is to contain an indication of capability, commitment and motivation to give back to the nation and the world in the future. (500 words max)
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      Section 6: Values

      Please choose the three attributes from the list which best describe you, three which least describe you and the single attribute in which you are most lacking. Attach a statement detailing why you have made these choices. (500 words max)

      St Andrew’s Scholars Attributes



      You have a keen interest in helping and serving others. You want to share in endeavours that develop your unique talents to benefit others. You have a clear set of values and seek to abide by a just, honest and ethical framework in your daily life.


      You understand that with the freedom to make your own decisions comes responsibility to yourself and others. You are able to reflect on how your actions and choices affect others. You are able to accept the consequences and seek reparation when things go wrong.


      You are compassionate and self-aware. You understand, acknowledge and celebrate the role that others play in your success. You are happy to help others succeed and rejoice in their achievements.



      You are energetic and interested to lead in a progressive environment, whether academic, sporting, community or cultural. You are level-headed in a crisis and able to see the bigger picture. You can inspire and support others to reach their highest potential. You understand that true leaders serve their community, putting the needs of others ahead of their own.


      You value friendship and are able to put others’ needs first. You value warmth and humour, using them for the wellbeing of those around you, while caring for your own physical and psychological wellbeing. A faithful friend, you are honest and trustworthy.


      You understand that a community achieves through supporting all its members. You can effectively work with others to achieve the best outcome for your community. While you understand and celebrate tradition, you value a community's need to grow and change over time.


      You value equality and equity, seeking to create respectful and inclusive relationships. You continually look for ways to create a safe environment, open to everyone. You understand that a supportive and inclusive environment can assist everyone to create a life of meaning and connection.



      You are an ambitious and focused planner. You have already achieved goals you have set for yourself and you enthusiastically pursue excellence and your full potential. You are able to resist distractions and make hard choices. You do not, however, measure yourself only by your achievements, understanding that, while these are important, they are not the most significant part of you.


      You are able to see situations from others’ points of view and can evaluate ideas with fresh eyes. A lateral thinker, creative and broad-minded, you are happy to learn from constructive criticism. Understanding and reason are important in guiding your actions. You have the courage to examine and challenge convention.


      You are thoughtful. You display a strong work ethic in pursuing your academic objectives. You are self-disciplined, inquisitive, embracing change. You enjoy a challenge and see opportunity in adversity. You understand the need for careful research, critical analysis and attention to detail.


      You are engaged with life and open to new experiences. You care about other people and understand that different people have different needs, different life-paths. You are able to think deeply about your point of view, willing to listen to and understand others and find compromise, while still holding on to what you know to be right for you.
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        Section 7: Relevant Information

        Please attach any other relevant information to assist the selection committee in assessing your application. (500 words max)
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          Section 8: Financial Details

          Preference will be given to students with financial needs. Please email the Registrar the Bursary Assistance Application Form and upload the Bursary Application Declaration Form.
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          Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 512 MB.
            Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 512 MB.


            Please submit this form and all attachments by midnight 18 August 2024

            Interviews will be held on Friday 13 September and Saturday 14 September. Please keep these days free to attend in person if you are shortlisted.