Student Leaders

The House Committee

The appointment of the Students’ Club representative body and voice, the House Committee, is a democratic decision. Students are elected by students, for the students, at the end of the preceding academic year.

In October 2023, the Students’ Club annual elections were held to determine the 2024 House Committee. This is the 120th year in which the College has hosted a Students’ Club election.

Previously, individuals were elected for specific positions, but in 2018 the election process changed whereby with the exception of the Executive (Senior Student, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer), students are voted onto the House Committee and then placed into roles in consultation with their fellow House Committee members. The elections are split to represent 40% women, 40% men, and 20% gender-indiscriminate.

2024 Student Leaders House Committee

2024 House Committee

Senior Student: Ewan Jackman
Honorary Secretary: Phoebe Lotz
Honorary Treasurer: Georgie Beer
Honorary Assistant Treasurer: Austin Wallace
Rawson Rep: Bray Downing
Rosebowl Rep: Charlotte Scott
Social Secretaries: Charlotte Damian and Morris Fredriksson
Alumni Secretary: Archibold Craig
Cultural Rep: Anna Hunt
Intercollegiate Rep: Clancy Aboud