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Andrew’s Students Volunteer with One Meal

March 26, 2017

Last weekend, a group of Andrew’s men and women assisted the One Meal service in Glebe to help serve meals to homeless people in the area. This is part of an initiative run by the College’s Community Service representatives, Celso Milne (fr 2016) and Isobel McCalman (fr 2016). Participating in this cause was the brainchild of last year’s secretary, George Stribling (fr 2015).  George was interested in something hands-on in the university area and found One Meal to be a perfect fit.

Isobel tells us, “Having been myself to the service, I was very keen to continue our involvement with their incredible team. We take a group of four students to every Sunday service in Wentworth Park, so a large number of students have had the opportunity to go. We hope to continue doing this every Sunday night and potentially Saturday nights as well.”

All students involved have gotten a lot out of participating, says Isobel.

“We believe that this is a fantastic opportunity to change perspectives on an issue that is very prevalent in Sydney. Many students drive past Wentworth Park and notice the tents set up under the arches without giving it much thought, but after going and interacting with those who are based there have a major attitude change. It is quite a humbling experience, and has changed the way many people think about homelessness in our own backyard.”

We look forward to following all of the students’ community service initiatives in 2017, and sharing them with our Andrew’s community.

  • Image (left to right):  freshers Wilson Kearns, Jack Mackenzie-Wood and Jock McGregor (courtesy of Isobel McCalman)
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