Nick Harrington (fR 2010)

“After spending two years at college I embarked on an exchange to Switzerland for a year in 2012. I was studying Law at Neuchatel University for a majority of that year. What was most special about my exchange year was that I was able to spend 3 months in Uganda at the primary school that I run as part of the Manjeri School Project, a charitable organisation I founded whilst at St Andrew’s.

The Manjeri School Project is a student run international development organisation that seeks to empower rural communities in Uganda through education and sustainable development practices. The Manjeri School Project has built and manages the Erinah Manjeri Primary School which educates some of the most impoverished and disadvantaged children in the Buikwe district of Uganda. 20% of our students are orphans and the meal that is provided at school is often their one square meal of the day. We are determined to empower the local community and break the cycle of poverty and we believe that a high quality education and sustainable development initiatives are the key to achieving this goal.

Alongside our school program we run local enterprises that are designed to get the school to a financially independent and secure position. We are hoping to have the school self sustainable by 2018. This will be a significant achievement as it breaks away from the traditional perpetuity based donor funding model that has caused significant problems in the East Africa area. We have gained a lot of attention for our innovative chicken farm that is producing meat birds for sale.

I am pleased to say that we have grown a lot recently as an organisation and several people from Sydney Uni and also Drew’s Alumni now make up part of our executive team including Catherine Wild-Taylor (fR 2010) and Kate Witenden (fR 2009).”

You can read further about Nick’s efforts, vision and achievements here.

Nick in UG