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Bursting the Bubble

April 22, 2016

This week we were inspired by Angus McCrabb with his recent publicity in the Sydney Morning Herald.  Angus featured in the paper as an example of the young population’s commitment to social awareness.  Angus’s moment in the spotlight touches upon one of the most common problems students face whilst living at College, which is simply not finding the time to keep up to date with the ‘wider world’.

We reluctantly fall into what I like to call; the ‘College bubble’, as we are swamped with university work, sport training, rehearsals and the general demands of college life.

Angus embraces the richness he finds in reading the paper religiously, not only to feel informed, but also as a means of establishing a daily routine. With a schedule as chaotic as the St Andrew’s College calendar, a solid morning ritual can go a long  way in ensuring a productive day.


This is why Angus’s recent ‘claim to fame’ has motivated us at Drew’s to up the ante on our global consciousness.

We are now on a mission to filter more newspapers around at brekky, post the most important news stories on our various Facebook pages, and most importantly, take advantage of our new and improved Junior Common Room. Once the new (rumored-to-be enormous) television is installed we hope to keep the news running 24 hours a day to catch the eye of our Drew’s residents and create a cozy environment for students.

We caught up with Angus to delve deeper into his thoughts on the ways we can keep up with what is happening in the world at Drew’s. Although he believes newspapers in the dining hall and a TV in the JCR provide a starting point, he is still a firm believer of reading articles online and explains that it is just as easy as liking a Facebook page, which admittedly, we all do daily.


On the topic of a correlation between morning routine and success, Angus was resistant to confirm that reading the newspaper immediately sets you up to conquer the world each day. However, his philosophy of creating a rhythm that after a while becomes natural is  potentially  a valuable asset to us at Drew’s, as most college students would agree that most of the time the closest thing we find to a rhythm is the loud music playing in a room down the hall!

We as students need to ultimately ‘burst the bubble’ and break out from our normal routines that separates us from real world issues. As Angus explains: ‘it’s as simple as putting time aside,’ and despite the hectic environment in which we live, we plan to do just that – who’s with me?

– Hilary Shannon

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