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DramSoc Director’s Report – Noises Off

October 29, 2013

2013 celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of DramSoc at St Andrew’s College. And what better way to celebrate than with a fantastic play, a two-storey set, a huge cast and crew and a glamorous opening night.

Noises Off, staged by St Andrew’s College DramSoc from October 11-14, is a farce that was written by Michael Frayn back in the 1982. The idea for the show came about in 1970 when he was backstage at a performance of The Two of Us (a show also written by Frayn) and he discovered that everything going on backstage was much funnier than the play itself.

I would very much like to thank the cast (Sarah Loewy, Lukas Whiting, Angus Trenerry, Kirsty Holyman, Jock Lehman, Gabi Doyle, Millie Der Sarkissian, Matt Larkin and Alex Magowan), Amelia Gilbert, Tansy Gardam, Will Beaumont, Tom Dewhurst, Campbell Harvey, Rachael Dewhurst, Carolyn Harris, Jess Harper, Millie Ferguson and Angus MacPherson. Along with the students our thanks must go to John Sergeant and Fiona McQueen – the alumni opening night was a huge success and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

One of the brilliant things about Noises Off is how true to life it is. I received so much feedback from people who had been involved in theatre in some point in their lives and they got a real kick out of remembering similar (though perhaps not as extreme) situations backstage. It’s uncanny how relatable my experience was becoming to Lloyd’s (the Director) by the end of our production week and I could see that the actors were definitely taking on the same characteristics as their fictional counterparts. The Diamond Jubilee experience of Noises Off was truly a show that will be a huge part of St Andrew’s history.

DramSoc is such a unique experience for those involved; I know that I will now have ongoing respect and love for the cast and crew. I could not have asked for a more dedicated and down to earth cast for the show. They worked so wonderfully as a team and their enthusiasm was beyond comparable. Thanks to them I had the time of my life directing this show, having laughed more times this semester than I think is humanly possible. I’m so proud of everyone involved for pulling off this amazing production and making our mark on DramSoc history.

Melissa McShane

Director for DRAMSOC 2013

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