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Drew’s Claim Both Rosebowl And Rawson In Rowing Regatta

April 15, 2016

The Rawson and Rosebowl rowers competed in the Intercol Rowing Regatta this morning and retained the titles for 2016.


The Rosebowl crew managed to break their own record set in 2015 shaving almost 4 seconds off their previous time.

Times as follows:

Rawson VIII – 2000m @ 10:00am

1st        St Andrew’s      6:02.95
2nd       St Paul’s           6:23.74
3rd        Wesley              6:36.99
4th        St John’s          7:22.48

Rosebowl VIII – 2000m @ 10:30am

1st        St Andrew’s     7:19.65
2nd       Wesley             7:27.49
3rd        Women’s         7:40.14
4th        St John’s         7:47.04
5th        Sancta             8:17.60
Well done to all our competitors.


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