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Grace Shipway – 2018 Social Representative

November 14, 2017

Grace Shipway, 2018 Social Representative

What do you study at University?

Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Why did you want to come to Andrew’s (as a fresher in 2016)?

St Andrew’s offered me a range of different opportunities, as well as a home that could allow me to become a driven and active member of a community. St Andrew’s love of culture and tradition is something that appealed to me the most. Coming into Drew’s in 2016 proved to have all these qualities- and much more. I am very thrilled to have chosen to come here; an experience that I would do all over again in a heartbeat!

What have you enjoyed most about College during your time here?

It is hard to pin down what I have enjoyed most about College; however, something I have definitely admired is Drew’s sense of community and mateship. I have loved getting to know students across the board, whether it is through rowing or a yarn at a Highlander – there have always been people willing to meet others beyond their particular friendship circle. It is this inclusiveness, which I have admired and respected most at Drew’s. I look forward to getting closer with this year’s freshers, as well as the incoming year.

What does it mean to have been elected in this particular position?

It is with great honour to have been elected in this position as Social Representative, and as a result I will do my very best to uphold not only what is required of the job, but to also play an active part in the Committee with making decisions. I am thrilled to work alongside the elected House Committee of 2018- a group I believe presents excellent qualities of leadership and communication skills.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

I am looking forward to not only tackling the role of Social Rep, but to also work alongside the committee throughout the year as we tackle challenges which may face us. I am also looking forward to making changes in some of the operations of my role, which I hope will help steer this place away from risks, particularly looking at the social events throughout the year. Last but not least, I am most looking forward to having fun with my friends as we face our final year together (#theBible).

What is one thing you would like to change about College next year?

I have already started to plan ways on improving communications with the elected social committees by implementing a system of event plans being submitted by committees to myself to then be passed onto College staff members for final approval. In organising these events, I aim to be present at meetings between these committees and our staff, to foster both communication and transparency.

What do you think the challenges of your new role might be?

I hope the changes I wish to bring, as mentioned above, removes any possible challenges, however will require more time out of the role. In saying this, I hope to find a balance with taking my role seriously, as well as having a fun time during the college year. I hope to maintain focus on my studies as well as committing to this role wholeheartedly.

In saying all of this, I can’t wait to get stuck into what will hopefully be a great year!



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