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How Jane Goodall Directly Inspired St Andrew’s Residents to Recycle

September 28, 2018

Hannah Steel (Fr 2016) is a third-year student at St Andrew’s College studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Sydney. When she first arrived at College in 2016, she was interested to get involved with all aspects of College life. One of her immediate thoughts was a knowingness that she had to improve the amount of wastage the College residents were producing.

Hannah had been involved in the Environmental Committee at her Alma Mater (St Hilda’s School in Queensland) during which she further grew her love for the environment. It wasn’t until a chance encounter with Dr Jane Goodall at an environmental conference in 2016, that Hannah realised she had a lot of work to do to help her community understand the importance of environmental contribution at their joint homes. Famous anthropologist and environmentalist, Goodall attended the event and when the two came face to face, Hannah was stunned by one question, “Have you started a Roots & Shoots program yet?”




“First of all, we must acknowledge that the world, at present, is not a peaceful place. It seems that all around the globe there is armed conflict, modern day slavery, domestic violence, terrorism, racism, sexism, and hundreds of thousands of refugees seeking safety from wars or climate change or poverty…let us make a solemn vow to do our best to live according to the Golden Rule. This rule that is shared by all the major religions, urges us to do to unto others as we would have them do unto us.” Read more from the Jane Goodall Institute’s Good For All News, link in bio. | #drgoodall #drjanegoodall #janegoodallquotes #quotestoliveby #inspirationalquotes #janegoodall #WorldRefugeeDay #WednesdayWisdom @unitednations

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Roots & Shoots is a program by the Jane Goodall Institute that encourages a global network of youths in implementing programs in their communities to aid in the reparation of environmental solutions. And, as Hannah noted, when Dr Jane Goodall tells you to start an environmental program, you do it.

Two years on and Hannah is Co-Secretary of the St Andrew’s Environmental Committee, alongside Adele Burke (Fr 2018) and together with a team of 18 Androvians committed to positively contributing to the environment, they’ve eliminated 1 tonne of recyclable waste at the College each month.

Steel is now a postgraduate resident at Drew’s and as she nears completion of her studies in Veterinary Science she plans on using this knowledge to pursue a career in species conservation. Hannah hopes that by implementing a strong team of Androvians with interests in environmental conservation that the program will continue to run long after her departure from College.

For information about the St Andrew’s Environmental Committee, send an email to 


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