Learning and Performing Arts Centre

In July 2015 the Council appointed the multi-award-winning Australian architectural practice Francis-Jones Morehen Thorpe to design the College’s new Learning and Performing Arts Centre.

While academic achievement is the minimum requirement to being considered for many graduate roles and postgraduate degrees, in today’s employment landscape, employers are looking for more than just academic success in their future leaders.

Qualities such as curiosity, insight, engagement and resilience are also highly sought after[1]. In other words, recruiters and employers are looking for candidates who have a commitment to lifelong learning; the capacity to synthesis and analyse data across a broad range of sectors; and, the humility and emotional intelligence lead ever more diverse teams.

The College is well placed to provide students with the opportunities to learn and develop these qualities, and this forms the basis of the Council’s strategic imperative to create quality academic and co-curricular programs. The development of a world-class Learning & Performing Arts Centre will provide the College with the facilities to enhance the learning experiences that prepare students for life beyond St Andrew’s.

Led by Richard Francis-Jones and Elizabeth Carpenter, Francis-Jones Morehen Thorpe (FJMT), is working with the Major Works Committee to design a building that will not only meet the demands of College life, but is also sensitive to the heritage of the nearby Main Building.

The Design Application (DA) was lodged with the City of Sydney Council in December 2015. It is hoped that the College will receive DA approval in mid-2016.



Learning & Performing Arts Centre from Carillon Avenue - 1

FJMT Interior Lobby View

at night 1

Image credit: FJMT

[1] Hyland, A 2015, ‘Four top tips to be a successful leader’, The Australian Financial Review, 28–29 March

FJMT's LPAC fly through