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Meet Clare Hunt – 2017 St Andrew’s Scholar

January 30, 2017

The St Andrew’s Scholars are exceptional young men and women who thrive academically, are engaged in life and have the potential to make a significant positive contribution to our College and, in the future, the broader community.

Clare Hunt is one of our St Andrew’s Scholars in 2017. Below she discusses her past achievements and what she is most looking forward to in her time at College.

What are you studying?
I will be studying a Bachelor of Science.

What is your greatest achievement to date?
As a committed footballer, my greatest achievement thus far has been my selection in the ‘Young Matildas’ Under 20’s Australian Team, and competing at the AFF tournament in Myanmar last year. In travelling overseas, I was forced to challenge myself both mentally and physically, which proved a great learning and developmental experience and gave me a deep sense of honour and joy. I am proud of my achievement and greatly appreciate the opportunities I have been afforded to represent my country.

What does being an inaugural St Andrew’s Scholar mean to you?
To be named a St Andrew’s scholar is a great privilege and honour, and I am grateful that my dedication toward my schooling, sport and community has been recognised and rewarded through gaining this scholarship. This opportunity will enable me to be a part of the unique community at St Andrew’s, which I wish to add to and thrive in.

What are you most excited for at St Andrew’s College?
The most appealing aspect of St Andrew’s is the diverse and engaged student community, which will allow me to meet people from different walks of life, and provide an opportunity to learn from, and with others. In entering this new environment, I look forward to the challenges, learning moments and fulfilling experiences that St Andrew’s will offer.

Based on your interests and skills, in which areas of College life do you believe you’ll make the most significant contributions?
I am extremely passionate and invested in sport, so I wish to contribute to this aspect of College life through involving myself in a range of sporting activities, whilst supporting and encouraging others to involve themselves through my leadership. In entering St Andrew’s, I wish to achieve my best academically, involve myself in as many aspects of college life as possible, and be a role model to others in contributing to the student community, college and university.

What advice would you give to future St Andrew’s Scholars Program applicants?
St Andrew’s seeks students who positively and actively contribute to their school and community, and undertake their pursuits with passion and determination. I encourage future applicants to be the individual who continually involves themselves and takes opportunities to contribute and commit to their school community, as well as having a strong desire to succeed. In whichever activity you undertake; be true to yourself, be your best and inspire others to do the same.

The St Andrew’s Scholars program is seeking young people with the capacity and commitment to realise their potential to become leaders in the university, the nation and the world. The College will provide students of outstanding abilities with a residential environment that enhances their university experience, providing them with opportunities to extend their talents and interests and to develop lives of meaning.

The scholarships will provide full free relief and will be awarded for the duration of each student’s undergraduate degree, whilst they live in St Andrew’s.

Applications for the 2018 intake open in April. Visit St Andrew’s Scholars Program for more information as it becomes available.

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