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Meet Oscar Bruck – 2017 St Andrew’s Scholar

January 17, 2017

The St Andrew’s Scholars are exceptional young men and women who thrive academically, are engaged in life and have the potential to make a significant positive contribution to our College and, in the future, the broader community.

Oscar Bruck is one of our St Andrew’s Scholars in 2017. Below he discusses his past achievements and what he is most looking forward to in his time at College.

What are you studying?
Combined Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Laws

What is your greatest achievement to date?
The thing I am most proud of is being selected to represent my local electorate as a Member for State Youth Parliament. Whilst in sitting, I was able to introduce and debate legislation on education, the environment and public transport. Hearing from the community and bringing those concerns to the Parliament brought me an immense sense of joy, made me proud in my local area and taught me the power of community in its ability to bring about change.

What does being an inaugural St Andrew’s Scholar mean to you?
It is a deep honour. It has provided for me opportunities I would have otherwise never seen while here at University. It pulls you into a close and vibrant community at College, whilst also providing impetus to get the most out of your time at St Andrew’s.

What are you most excited for at St Andrew’s College?
Meeting the people. Being able to live with students from all around the state, country, and world provides a unique opportunity to learn new perspectives at the same time as also gaining a newfound independence.

Based on your interests and skills, in which areas of College life do you believe you’ll make the most significant contributions?
My aim is to contribute to College life in as many ways as I can. This includes drama and culture – such as Dramsoc, debating and writing – and also in academia.

What advice would you give to future St Andrew’s Scholars Program applicants?
St Andrew’s is looking for authentic students who have found something they are interested in and pursued it with vigour and spirit. There is no one activity or interest St Andrew’s is looking for that you need under your belt – it’s about having one that represents who you are and something you have thoroughly prosecuted. The easiest way to do that – be yourself!

The St Andrew’s Scholars program is seeking young people with the capacity and commitment to realise their potential to become leaders in the university, the nation and the world. The College will provide students of outstanding abilities with a residential environment that enhances their university experience, providing them with opportunities to extend their talents and interests and to develop lives of meaning.

The scholarships will provide full fee relief and will be awarded for the duration of each student’s undergraduate degree, whilst they live in St Andrew’s.

Applications for the 2018 intake open in April. Visit St Andrew’s Scholars Program for more information as it becomes available.


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