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Minami Takahashi Triumphs in the Palladian Solo Instrumental

April 12, 2017

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The standards of musicianship reached by the twelve instrumental soloists in the 2017 Palladian competition remain impressive, with some dazzling performances of an eclectic repertoire. There were four pianists, three guitarists, a violinist, a cellist, a trombonist, a flautist and a timpanist.

The adjudicators Linda Lorenza, Glenn Amer and Shuti Huang, highly commended Mac Nelson from St Paul’s for his composition played horizontally on the guitar.  Third prize went to Jol Choct, one of the two pianists from Wesley, for his Debussy.  In second place was Annabelle Traves, the violinist from Women’s, who gave a dramatic performance of Piazolla’s ‘Winter in Buenos Aires’, accompanied by a cello, a double bass and Anthony Chen from Andrew’s on the piano.

After a supremely accomplished performance of the first movement of De Maij’s T-Bone Concerto, Andrew’s Minami Takahashi, accompanied brilliantly by Will Cesta, took first place.  The trombone has never glowed with more golden opulence in the Old Refectory.

All performers are to be praised, not least Andrew’s other performer, fresher Tom Dormor, whose guitar solo was very well received, but our warmest congratulations are to Minami.  This is the fifth consecutive year in which Andrew’s has come first in the instrumental solos.  It was great to see at the piano Will Cesta, who had previously won on no less than three occasions and had accompanied last year’s winner, Alice Morgan, but it was Minami’s evening.

–  Professor Ian Jack, Senior Fellow and Archivist

(Image courtesy of Lily Harper and Amy White)

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