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Palladian Debating Victory for Andrew’s!

September 6, 2013

After several weeks of debates against the other colleges, the Andrew’s Palladian Debating team was ecstatic to finish first in Intercollege Debating having been undefeated in the competition, winning all six of our debates. This was a phenomenal result for James Edward Daniel, Carolyn Harris, Alex Shaw, George Harper, Annie Unsworth and I who comprised the debating team.

The topics for the competition covered a broad range of areas, from media, social policy, and religion, to law and order and international relations.

In the final round of the competition against St Paul’s on Tuesday night, Andrew’s had the affirmative side of the topic: “This house believes the media should not report on terrorist attacks in their immediate aftermath”. We argued that the primary goal of terrorists in committing attacks is not simply just to take lives but to spread fear and terror throughout a community. By delaying the coverage of attacks until after the full facts have been ascertained, and thus can be reported correctly and not erroneously, we can prevent the spread of community panic which results from people feeling a sense of insecurity and instability when events are unfolding without them knowing what is going on. Knowledge of the event after it is over, and all the facts are known, is much less likely to spread terror. In a closely fought and entertaining debate we managed to come out on top.

Other topics debated during the competition included “That this house believes that employers should be able to pay a higher wages to employees who agree to not have children during their term of employment,” and “that this house believes that courts should allow illegally obtained evidence to be admissible.” The topics were all very interesting and stretched our knowledge greatly as teams are only given one hour before the debate to prepare their case.

On behalf of the St Andrew’s Debating team I would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who came along to watch and support us in our debates. We were all blown away by the enthusiasm of Andrew’s residents in attending the debates in large numbers. It was fantastic to have such large and supportive audiences and this morale-boost definitely improved our debating out of sight!

Timothy Sullivan

St Andrew’s College Debating Secretary

All images courtesy of Jess Harper.




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