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Professor Ian Jack Receives Honorary Fellowship

May 20, 2016

Associate Professor Ian Jack, Senior Fellow and Archivist at St Andrew’s received an Honorary Fellowship from University of Sydney on 13 May 2016, recognising his outstanding service.

Professor Ian Jack joined the University of Sydney in 1961 as a lecturer in the History department. He became a senior lecturer in 1965 and was promoted to associate professor in 1970. He served two consecutive terms as Dean of the Faculty of Arts, from 1974–77. After retiring, he became an honorary research associate in 2002.

The Honorary Fellowship is awarded by Senate of the University. The presentation was made in the Great Hall with a citation read by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Afterwards, Principal Wayne Erickson hosted a lunch in the marquee outside the Lodge at St Andrew’s for a celebratory gathering with friends and College students. Wayne and Dr Bill Porges, the former Principal (who is also an Honorary Fellow of the University); both gave speeches to which Ian responded. An excerpt below:

“I am grateful to the University for so fulfilling a life. It gave me the chance to add Australian history to medieval European, to be a partner in the creation of Historical Archaeology, to be a Head of Department and Dean, and also to create quirky concerts for Celtic Studies and to play the Stuart piano in this Great Hall.  I have had a good life here.

…And I am deeply grateful to St Andrew’s College for giving me another role on Grose Farm, as archivist, historian and cultural plenipotentiary. College has, moreover, kept me in touch with lively young minds after I ceased to teach in the University.  And of all elements in a great University, what ultimately matters most is the quality and attitude of its students.”

Ian continues to be a remarkable supporter of Music in College; for all musicians, and particularly the performers in the inter-college performing arts challenge – the Palladian Cup. The high esteem in which music and the performing arts are now held in College is due in large part to Ian’s durable and seemingly endless enthusiasm for making music, but also of an encouragement towards excellence and fulfilment of potential. He continues to perform regularly on piano and organ, in concert, in accompaniment and in the foundational simplicity of just playing.

He has written two editions of the College history (The Andrew’s Book, 3rd edition 1989, and 4th edition 2013. Ian continues to be an influential member of the University’s history professoriate, and a dominant presence in the inter-college community, much admired for his deep knowledge of not only St Andrew’s College but the wider college community in Sydney.

The College congratulates Professor Ian Jack on receiving this prestigious award.

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