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St Andrew’s Dance Team Gives a Stunning Palladian Performance

June 11, 2018

In the 2018 Intercollegiate Palladian Dance competition, the St Andrew’s Palladian Dance team entered two exciting performances in the event, held annually in Manning Bar. The first number was inspired by the 1978 musical rom-com film, Grease, to the hits, “You’re The One That I Want” and “Greased Lightning”, featuring ten superb Pink Ladies and ten suave Thunderbirds. The team rehearsed tirelessly to perfect our formations, partner work and, of course, facial expressions and shimmies.

The second item took inspiration from the Disney movie, Hercules. The story begins with Zeus’ triumph over the Titans and rise to power in Olympus. Years later Zeus’ son, Hercules, is stripped of his immortality by evil Hades and must become a true hero on earth to rejoin the Gods. The myth was brought to life by six hunky Hercules, six glorious goddesses and one heinous Hades. The dance was distinguishable with complex lifts, technical skill and comedic value.

Auditions started in week one with huge enthusiasm and with both teams having spent hours rehearsing weekly for ten weeks with immense dedication and energy. On the night, Manning was packed with a sea of blue and white and both teams looked incredible in full costume and intricate stage lighting. Both dances were highly entertaining, and the crowd response was hugely encouraging for the team.

The team was very excited that their Grease-themed performance was awarded a well-deserved second place victory by the judges, putting Drew’s into first place on the Palladian ladder.

The 2018 St Andrew’s Dance team deserves congratulations for their hard work and dedication over the past several months. Following on from predecessor, Luci Hughes, the Dance Secretary of the St Andrew’s team in 2017, the results of the new team is an excellent demonstration of effort and skill.

Here’s wishing the St Andrew’s Dance team luck in chasing first place in 2019!

  • Alexandra Hewish, Palladian Dance Secretary (fr 2018)

Video Credit: Will Cheng (fr 2018)

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