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St Andrew’s sees hundreds visit on Open Day 2018

September 4, 2018

The morning started with a drizzle of rain that eventually settled over the bucolic residential precinct of the University of Sydney, the air was abuzz with the promise of hundreds of visitors.

As the USYD Clock Tower tolled 9 am, signalling the beginning of Open Day 2018, there were already hundreds of potential USYD students and their parents in the Quadrangle of the University, wherein, a booth of eager St Andrew’s students were already gathered to talk all about their love of college and the benefits of residential living during University.

With groups of students in the Quad, the Main Building of Drew’s and a pair of musically gifted residents based at the Conservatorium of Music, the day was filled with questions, answers and new friends made. With hundreds filing through the doors to the College, the Dining Hall remained full throughout the day as the prospect of a buffet and unlimited coffee had visitors running up the stairs.

Student representatives from St Andrew’s took to the Conservatorium of Music for the first time to showcase the impressive list of new cultural scholarships that will become available to residents in 2019. With an accumulative of over $130 thousand available to students with exceptional musical skill, many potential Con attendees showed great interest.

As the day wound down the rain began again, signalling the end of another successful Open Day event, Drew’s volunteers celebrated the empty boxes that previously held thousands of brochures for interested students and their parents. With only a few bags of branded Jelly Beans and high spirits left of the day, Drew’s community felt imbued with the prospect of receiving applications from the impressive future students of 2019.

The team at St Andrew’s would like to thank all of the student volunteers for their participation in Open Day 2018. 

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